Refueling Compassion After Burnout

image credit: Erica Johnson

image credit: Erica Johnson

This starts, like many of my stories do, with a very young me reading comic books.

When I was about eight, I was reading a Superman comic, one in which Superman was explaining to Lois Lane that he is very selective about using some of his powers, such as super hearing and x-ray vision.

If he were to use them all the time, he explained, he would constantly be overwhelmed by the amount of people dying and suffering that he could not reach in time to save.

If he were he to stay completely open, he would have to abandon any hope of a personal life in order to be as available as possible, still continuously be aware of people around the world and throughout the universe dying, because he chose to rescue someone else instead.

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Original article written by Andrew Cvercko and posted on elephant journal on February 6, 2013.

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