Welcome | february 2013

public domain image: John F Kennedy & Nikita Khrushchev

public domain image: John F Kennedy & Nikita Khrushchev

The other night I watched the 1991 feature JFK about the Kennedy assassination. The film’s implications are frightening. While JFK may seem to have little to do with February, with love, relationships, with Black History Month, my thoughts lie in the relationships built and broken. In how events ripple out in waves. In our need as human beings to be brave enough to develop better relationships with ourselves, with others, especially with those who oppose us and with those we think of as “other.” Reaching beyond those barriers wherever they lie is how change is done.

This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and President’s Day along with LGBT History Month, UK, (January 19), Rosa Park’s Birthday (February 4), Alice Walker’s Birthday (February 9), Huey Newton’s Birthday (February 18), WEB Dubois’s Birthday (February 23), Ralph Nader’s Birthday (February 27), and Pedro Zamora’s Birthday (February 29)

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