Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr.’s Forward Motion for a World That Works for All

In what is being billed as “the largest climate rally in history,” thousands of people are expected to gather on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, Feb. 17 to call for a definitive shift in the nation’s energy policy. The “Forward on Climate Rally” will urge President Obama to once and for all reject […]

Is Occupy Still Happening?

It seems pretty quiet out there, no news cameras have been following any stories about Occupy. But that’s the way things started out, remember? The revolution wasn’t televised. And the Occupy Movement is still quietly happening. Anticipate a General Strike May 1, 2013. Have a look at what’s been going on with occupying Wal-Mart. Check […]

Forest Ethics | Forests for the Trees

Over the past few years ForestEthics has made huge environmental progress, including protecting the Great Bear Rainforest, Canada’s Boreal Forest, and shifting the practices of the paper industry. They are now in the process of stopping Canada’s Tar Sands by encouraging companies from all over the US to commit to not using fuel from Tar […]

YogaVOTES | Voting from the Mat

  At first glance it may seem like yoga and voting have absolutely nothing in common. After all, a body-based spiritual practice and political candidates don’t even show up on the same page in most books. The connection lies in what yoga practice offers folks–discerning choice. Seane Corn, who, with Arianna Huffington, launched The Oasis […]

Change Your Mind, Change Your World

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society (CCMS) began its work in the early 90s with the intention of “reflecting on the contemplative traditions as powerful techniques that have potential for beneficial change in American society.” In other words, CCMS was one of the first organizations to understand the great impact that inner change could have […]

Domestic Work Is An Act of Love

When the National Labor Relations Act was passed to protect the rights of workers in the US, “to win votes for the 1938 law from Southern lawmakers, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was forced to exempt from its provisions workers who produce America’s food and care for people’s homes, children and elders.” At that time, of […]

Zaltho Foundation | Seeds of Peace

Founded in 1994 by Claude AnShin Thomas, the Zaltho Foundation, headquartered in Belmont, Massachusetts (with a meditation center in Mary Esther, Florida) is a spiritually-based foundation committed to ending violence by encouraging and establishing socially engaged projects in communities, organizations, and families, with an emphasis on the most important ingredient, the individual. When Claude AnShin […]

Developing Community for Great Resilience

“For twenty years, The Berkana Institute has worked in friendship and partnership with people around the world who are discovering that there is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Co-founded by Margaret Wheatley in 1991, the Berkana Institute focuses on the ability of community to support and create […]

The Engage Network | The Power of Being Heard

“Listening looks easy, but it’s not simple. Every head is a world.” — Cuban Proverb Since 2007 the Engage Network has been working to inspire change through working with organizations interested in creating full-scale change. Their foundation for creating change is in simply listening. In this way they help create connections that rely on our very […]

Love that Does Social Justice | IISC

Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC) is “a nonprofit organization that works for social justice and sustainability” by fostering great social impact through a variety of workshops and services. Their work helps folks develop relationship skills in organizations such as, “networks and coalitions, nonprofits (of all sizes), public sector agencies, schools and school systems, and […]

Homeowners Fighting Back Against the Banks

Here’s how the banks are still doing exactly as they please when it comes to homes. But there’s hope. It’s been five years since the bursting of the housing bubble kicked off the financial crisis that shook the world. And in those years, the banks received trillions in bailouts and ultra-low-interest loans while millions of […]

Creating Community | Lessons from Occupy

Written & contributed by Shepherd Bliss  Occupy Wall Street (OWS) began using public space in New York’s Zuccotti Park on Sept. 17, which stimulated hundreds of similar encampments around and beyond the United States. During the past six months, this mass movement has been assaulted by police and by the corporate media. It has also […]

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