Side & Back Arches

  The next transition postures of the Friendly Warrior Series are Side and Back Arches. These can be practiced as a warm-up or in preparation for additional side-focused postures, such as, Utthita Parsvakonasana, Extended Side Angle Posture or Trikonasana, Triangle Posture. ——————————— 1. Stand with your feet hip distance apart. To figure out hip-distance, locate […]

How Do You Stand? Fix Your Posture, Fix Your Knee Pain

If you have knee pain, and there doesn’t seem to be a real reason for it (e.g., you didn’t play football in high school), it may be from something you hadn’t counted on and at least some of the solution could be in something called prasarita lunges. A student of mine started yoga classes about […]

Yoga Resources 2012

  There are 20 million yoga practitioners in the United States, and even more worldwide. Yoga-related resources, likewise, abound. The list below features a selection of resources, ranging from videos to opportunities for socially engaged practice–even yoga humor. Enjoy! Off the Mat, Into the World OTM (Off the Mat) uses the power of yoga to inspire […]

5 Poses for Extra Energy

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’m still recovering from a wonderful weekend celebration with family and a little (OK, a lot!) too much to eat. Yoga teachers across the country will be teaching poses to help aid digestion and elimination. While poses to aid digestion are certainly warranted this time of year, I find that […]

Uttanasana | Standing Forward Bend

  Sometimes we need to turn our attention inward–to reflect, to get quiet, to unplug. Forward Bends provide us with the opportunity to do just that. This month we’re featuring Uttanasana, Standing Forward Bend, the next transitional posture in the Friendly Warrior Series. ——————- Uttanasana | Standing Forward Bend 1. Stand in Tadasana with your […]

Ananda Balasana | Happy Baby Posture

It all starts in our bodies–our bodies are the coarsest things we have to work with. If we can bring more mindfulness to our bodies, then we can extend that mindfulness towards our minds, spirits, and lives. We especially need all the mindfulness we can get as we approach the upcoming election. Regardless of where […]

When Worlds Collide | High-Tech Yoga

“What kind of crazy company,” a friend emailed me, “pays for yoga classes for their employees and then insists on their right to get the least possible benefit from them?!” And it does seem ludicrous, both what we’ve been hearing about Facebook’s employee-coddling culture, and the image of a student reaching down from ardha chandrasana […]

Apanasana | Knees Towards Chest

In my daily life, I often find that I am rushing from one thing to the next. Rushing to get to work in the morning, rushing to eat my lunch, rushing to get to an appointment. I could very easily also rush to get to my yoga practice and rush all the way through it […]

It’s Never Gonna End—Enduring & Finding Softness

If there are certain yoga poses you just dread, read this post on how we can choose to suffer or how we can choose to find space despite the suffering. As I drove to teach class this morning, I came up behind a woman on a bike with stuffed front and back panniers, and a […]

Power, Transitions & Noticing

  It’s 5:55 am on Tuesday, and before I step on my yoga mat I’m already thinking about savasana, my to do list for work, what to eat for breakfast and remembering to call my parents. There is a reason they call this a practice. Every day you show up on the mat is another […]

Breathing Lessons

Breath practice during your yoga class may be the last thing you’re concerned about, especially when you’re doing whatever you can to stay in downward dog. Even when the instructor reminds you to breath, you do so dutifully for a few seconds, engage ujjayi breathing, and then return to your regular breath pattern. But yoga […]

Pride & Progress

image credit: “Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” ~Khalil Gibran At first glance it seems like a posture that will require little effort. All you have to do is move your head toward your knee. Seems simple enough, right? Not quite. Janu Sirsasana (head-to-knee forward bend) […]

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