Replenish Your Practice, Renew Yourself

  You know exactly where it is. It is in the corner next to your hiking boots; it is in your trunk. Maybe it is under the bed; it’s your yoga mat. For weeks, months, maybe even years now you have glanced in its general direction making a silent promise to yourself to recommit. There is […]

Be Present

“Presence is a noun, not a verb; it is a state of being, not doing. States of being are not highly valued in a culture, which places a high priority on doing. Yet, true presence or “being with” another person carries with it a silent power — to bear witness to a passage, to help […]

Don’t Be a Tight A**

Through yoga our bodies can unlearn their muscular limitations. And through better posture comes a whole new perspective. Myofascial Release is a term broadly used to imply work on the muscles and fascia to eliminate pain and restore motion. Treatment usually uses sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions with or without movement to allow the connective […]

Hoping for a Baby

Contributed by K.M. King Miscarriage is not often discussed, even though it is an unfortunate part of many women’s lives. Jessica Berger Gross’s article entitled “Hoping for a Baby,” explores her journey of self-awareness through yoga after experiencing a miscarriage. Jessica’s story is unique in many ways. Her willingness to share one of the most […]

The Beauty of Imperfection

Written & Contributed by Kim King My arms were shaking. The back of my shirt was drenched in sweat. I was seriously regretting last night’s 2 for 1 Happy Hour. This was the moment my fearlessYOGA teacher decided to inform me that adho mukha svanasana (AH-doh MOO-kah shvah-NAHS-anna; downward-facing dog) was in fact a resting posture. […]

Real Body Renewal

Written & contributed by Gail Parris We all need help to stop and rest. In today’s busy, and increasingly competitive world, we are always trying to get things done. Even when we are resting it is common in Western culture to label rest as unproductive. Taking time to stop and rest is a powerful resource […]

Everything Yoga

Here are a wide variety of things to explore on yoga–including teachers and classes which are podcast so that you can practice in your own home. The Secrets of Yoga Everything you wanted to know about yoga, but never asked. This Web site includes yoga articles, videos, a chat room, positions, yoga for seniors… You […]

Mark Lilly | Yoga Means Service in Sanskrit*

Mark Lilly, founder of Portland, Oregon’s Street Yoga, began teaching yoga to at-risk youth in 2002. He believes that “yoga is a practice of service to humanity.” And considering the young people he’s worked with in his yoga classes–many are youths who have obviously been abused: “There’d be kids shaking, literally shaking, with big bruises,” […]

Sustaining a Practice

How can we sustain balance with practice? What is it about the word practice that makes us turn away from activities that promote our well being? I often experience the thought of practicing yoga as something I have to do. Not only do I have to do it but I have to do it well. […]

Twelve Months of Abhaya fearless Yoga | Savasana

  Known as the most difficult posture of all, savasana (sha-VAH-sana), corpse posture asks us to release completely. Releasing completely is indeed a difficult task and is especially challenging for those of us working towards social justice. We are all too familiar with applying our effort, working hard, fighting for the cause. To find some […]

Twelve Months of Abhaya fearless Yoga | Marichyasana III

Toxins constantly accumulate in our bodies whether or not we are aware of them. They are the root cause for any number of ailments from headaches to fatigue to more serious conditions such as cancer. Let’s do our part to free ourselves of toxins by hydrating ourselves well. Drinking approximately half your body weight in ounces of water […]

Twelve Months of fearless Yoga Asana | Virabhadrasana

“Virabhadrasana” or “warrior posture” helps us to strengthen our roots and access our power. We can practice virabhadrasana to root ourselves strongly in our core so that we can celebrate the renewal of springtime from a centered place.

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