The Aftermath of Occupy Will Surpass the Gains of 1960s Activism

Unemployed young people are the reason the Occupy movement just might create more significant gains than those of the 1960s. That is saying a lot, but just think about it. Recent graduates expecting to find work, can’t find work and are not likely to take that news lying down. And that’s something that wasn’t true […]

Small Town’s Frontline Battle Against Chase/CVS/Armstrong

  Written & contributed by Shepard Bliss Small town Sebastopol residents in Northern California have been waging a fierce David vs. Goliath struggle against the powerful Chase Bank, CVS Pharmacy, and Armstrong Development for over two years. The implications of this struggle extend beyond this one town, as big business continues to seek to expand […]

Top 5 Occupy Wall Street Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Written & contributed by Jane Smith If you are interested in the Occupy Wall Street movement, you know that it can change at a moment’s notice. Sometimes there are demonstrations held in Denver, while others are being held the same day in Los Angeles. Protesters are often uprooted by police officials or asked to move […]

Out of the Spiritual Closet

Practitioners in the field articulate the connection between spirituality and social justice in a myriad of ways. This section shares several frameworks for understanding and describing this work. In addition to sharing the central visual related to each framework, the sources are listed for the reader to find more in depth narrative. Some of these […]

The Healing of Congo

Congo is one the richest, most beautiful areas in the world. These days it is facing threats at multiple levels all of which affect not only the people there, but all of us. Today I received the following letter from my dear friend, Cynthia Jurs. For the last two decades she has traveled all over […]

Ten Leaders Building a New LGBT Politics in the South and Midwest

Read about 10 leaders in the South and Midwest leading the fight for LGBT rights.  The movement for LGBT rights and community has expanded well beyond the once-dominant circles of Washington, D.C., New York and California. Today, leaders in the South and Midwest are working to build their own political communities in their own ways—and […]

The Real Reason the Military is Going Green

The military is going green. The motivation to do so is an enlightening one, and one that has much to do with global instability and the lives of service men and women. Retired Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson calls himself  “an accidental environmentalist.” His epiphany about climate change started with a tactical problem. In 2006 and […]

How Students Are Painting Montréal Red

The largest, longest student protest in the history of North America is happening now in Quebec, Canada. Hundreds of thousands of students and supporters join together to protest tuition hikes and the passage of Law 78, the new anti-protest law, which does not allow for unpermitted marches of over 50 people. As a sign of […]

Map | The State of Marriage Equality in America

A more humorous take on the map of marriage equality in America. On Wednesday, President Barack Obama finally announced that he supports gay marriage. He emphasized that this is his personal opinion, and that he still thinks states should decide the issue on their own. Despite that caveat, gay rights supporters still had plenty of cause to celebrate. […]

Voter Suppression | Groups Plot a Million-Person Army to Swarm Polls

True Vote is a watchdog group (King Street Patriots Texas Tea Party spin off) that will be making sure there is no voter fraud at the polls this year. Some people are wondering why they’re there at all.  One of the first sights to greet attendees of the True the Vote national summit was the […]

Mortgaging the Future | Portraits of Underwater America

Today 11 million Americans own homes that are “underwater,” or worth less than their mortgages. Strangled by the same big banks who caused the housing crisis, many homeowners now find their banks unwilling to negotiate—even when they can pay. Few families will ever be able to pay off their inflated mortgages. Many will default. As […]

Heroes of the Environmental Movement

“The Goldman Environmental Prize is the world’s largest prize for grassroots environmentalists. Founded in 1989, the Prize has been awarded to 151 people from 81 countries. Each of the winners, chosen from the planet’s six inhabited continental regions, receives $150,000. These individuals demonstrate exceptional courage and commitment, often working at great risk to protect our […]

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