adrienne maree brown | coevolution through friendship

coevolution is “the change of a biological object triggered by the change of a related object.” a couple of years ago i hosted a community of practice. one of the outcomes of our year of building relationship and sharing of ourselves was an idea articulated toward the end by gibran rivera: coevolution through friendship. meaning we […]

adrienne maree brown | thoughts for foundations and major donors

in my work as an organizational healer, facilitator, and coach, i regularly support, both formally and informally, lots of movement leaders. one of the major trends i’ve seen over and over is folks struggling because they can’t get consistent long-term funding. if you work for a foundation, or sit on a foundation board, or even […]

adrienne maree brown | some of our blog favorites

Here are some of our favorite 2012 blog posts from adrienne maree brown. In them she talks about creating inner change, about Obama and the importance of practicing revolution every day, about growing our capacity for persistence, and about Columbus, Detroit and the meaning of home. All of these pieces are worth a second look. […]

Ancestral Pride at the BC Legislature | Warrior Up Or Get The Hell Out of the Way!

In this video Gaaiwna Crow and Queen Sacheen speak bluntly about the problems facing Native American and non-Native American folks. They call special attention to the neglect of the environment and how that neglect is related to the oppression and exploitation of Native American people.

adrienne maree brown | american revolutionary

i assert my solutions as the living embodiment of my nationality… i’m testing that statement out. for a long time, most of my conscious political life, i have not thought of myself as an american (and not a nationalist at all, especially not of a colonial empire). i have been a world traveller. a future […]

Simple Tools, Powerful Possibilities

Recently, one of the staff at the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC) was surprised to discover the possibility of creating change with a few simple tools. A delegation she met with from Egypt, who talked about their desire to bring politics in their country back into the hands of the people, inspired her to […]

adrienne maree brown | sabbatical your life (workshop report back from AMC 2012)

i have recently returned from a 6-month community-supported sabbatical. i am feeling healthier and happier now than i have ever felt in my adult life. i say that as someone who has burned out at least three times in my life, who has patterns of overworking, undersleeping, working in urgent hopeless conditions, and undervaluing my […]

Organizing or Mobilizing

There are important differences between organizing and mobilizing. For social change to be effective, each one is needed. Clarifying these two concepts helps us see the innate process people go through in creating change.  I have been struggling lately to get more clarity on the concepts of organizing and mobilizing. These are terms of art […]

adrienne maree brown | why bother?

written in response to a friend who was asking about the point of integrity if the human race is on a downward spiral: wow. this is a lot. i’ve been thinking about this stuff a lot too, and i think when you come to town and we have our date i would love to focus […]

reimagining organizing, movements & leadership

this past weekend was reimagining organizing, movements and leadership in detroit. once we heard that author and thinker margaret wheatley was going to be in kalamazoo and was willing to come to detroit, we built the event as a way to immerse her in our work here in detroit, and immerse detroit in the ideas […]

on the road again | adrienne maree brown

i have been traveling a lot [these] past few weeks. the ruckus camp was incredible, and then i was at web of change up off the coast of british columbia, which was fascinating. i sat on a panel at web of change which really challenged me – which is righteous i suppose because it was called Our […]

we are in the future | adrienne maree brown

here are my written notes for the keynote i gave this past weekend to the North American Students of Cooperation Institute. it was an amazing group to speak with, think with, and be in community with at this moment in history! —- I am so honored to be here with all of you. I want to start […]

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