last night i cried for shelley | adrienne maree brown

last week, the burned torso of a young transgendered woman named shelley hilliard, who had been missing for two weeks, showed up under a mattress off a highway in detroit. shelley was one of the youth who participated in the amazing ruth ellis center, which provides a safe space for LGBT youth to be, learn, dance, and live […]

adrienne maree brown | without manipulation

Original post “without manipulation” written by adrienne maree brown and posted on The Luscious Satyagraha blog, January 27, 2012. For the rest of 2012, and hopefully beyond, we will be featuring a floating column with contributions from adrienne maree brown’s Luscious Satyagraha blog.  Except to see her featured in various sections of the blog. Enjoy this […]

The Good News for 2011

Original article written by Claudia Horwitz (with contributors: Erin Dale, Gita Gulati-Partee, Russell Herman, Claudia Horwitz, Margot Horwitz, Jennifer Jackson, Chad Jones, Sean Kosfosky, Becca Krantz, Danyelle O’Hara, Tema Okun, and Marian Urquilla) for the December 2011 stone circles blog.  It’s impressive to see the many things for social change that folks accomplished in 2011. This fantastic […]

A Few Good Blogs

Here are a few good blog posts from a few good organizations. These sites cover centered social justice work, reproductive justice, and the benefits of mindfulness. Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC) “IISC stands with a global community of skillful visionaries, grounded in love as a force for transformation, achieving social justice for all and […]

Bay Area Occupations & Remembering Chile

Written & contributed by Shepherd Bliss Occupy Oakland won a resounding October 26 victory by mobilizing 3000 people to respond to a police riot. They took down the police fence that exiled them from the plaza in front of city hall, set up tents again, and returned to dancing and receiving massage and acupuncture treatments. […]

BPF | The World Is Watching Oakland

Encouraged by events on October 27, Oakland will be having the first general strike in the U.S. since 1946 on November 2. During October, Oakland’s nonviolent protesters, dealt a surprising about-face from Mayor Jean Quan, were brutalized by police using tear gas and rubber bullets. This article tells what it was like.  Tonight I witnessed […]

from liberty plaza | adrienne maree brown

Original article written by Adrienne Maree Brown and posted on The Luscious Satyagraha, October 9, 2011. yesterday I got to liberty plaza, finally. since it came to my attention I have been making my way towards it, wanting to see it and feel it myself, though with some trepidation. I tend to roll with a critical […]

Peter Forbes | Start with the Land

Original article posted in Vermont Commons July 31, 2006 and written by Peter Forbes of Center for Whole Communities. Not all that long ago, our ancestors drew their identities from the land that they lived on, whether they were farmers or sharecroppers or laborers who came in seasonally to harvest wheat, corn, soybeans, or strawberries. Even […]

Mark Lilly | Yoga for Young People

Mark Lilly formed Street Yoga a few years before yoga exploded as a practice that anyone might be encouraged to take up. He wanted to stop the rate at which young people were entering a cycle of poverty and homelessness that was difficult, if not impossible, for them to break. So he gathered some yoga teachers […]

Fleet Maull | Prison Dharma

Fleet Maull began the Prison Dharma Network while he was serving a 30-year sentence for drug trafficking. These days it’s “an international …network for prisoners, prison volunteers, and corrections professionals” and he’s a major prison activist, MBA board member, successor to Zen Peacemakers’ Bernie Glassman, and author (check out his book, Dharma in Hell: The Prison […]

Collective Visioning | Collective Sustainability

Visioning gets folks beyond their current reality by focusing on what the group wants and where it is going. As Stout writes in her book, “if you can imagine a better world, you can make one.”

Cara Page | Reflections from Detroit

How can one be well if we are not well together? And how will we get well when our sense of wellness often does not include the whole? It is something we will need to find again as part of understanding our role as organizers who once were healers, or healers who once were organizers.

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