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The month of January has been an intriguing time here at CXC. We have been diligently preparing for the months ahead. Our NewDharma Community will begin this year’s 27 Days of Change Spring Practice Period on March 5th. We are finalizing all of the necessary information to guide participants toward a higher level of personal transformation. For 27 Days in […]

Happy New Year!

First let me take this time to thank everyone who attended our annual New Year’s Eve Release Ceremony. We had a wonderful time bringing 2012 to a close with our extended CXC family. As we move forward into 2013 we are excited about our new practice schedule and upcoming events for early 2013. The Center […]

2012 Year in Review

2012 has been an exciting year for The Center for Transformative Change. We began this year the same way we will begin the next, with our annual New Year’s Eve Release Ceremony & Meditation. We celebrated as a community, releasing the past year and enjoying the possibilities of the next, surrounded by our extended CXC […]

Say Yes!

  November is always an interesting time of year. We turn the clocks back, vote for local, state, and national officials, share Thanksgiving with loved ones, and begin the challenging task of closing the year out. This November is filled with all types of events and activities here at the Center. Starting at the beginning […]

It’s Go Time

  It’s that time of year. Depending on where you are in the country, the leaves are changing, it’s time to pull the sweaters out of the drawer and put the sandals away. It is also another time, it is time for the presidential election. The Center has been brimming with excitement this election season […]

Anticipation & Preparation

The month of August has been an interesting time here at CXC. We have been diligently preparing for the month of September and all that it holds. The month began with exciting news about MindfulVOTES. Transformative Change, the national movement-building segment of our work will be anchoring this campaign. Its goal is to “galvanize the […]

On Spiritual Retreat

Like we do every summer, this past July XC hosted our Inner Justice Intensive retreat (IJI), one of our signature offerings for agents of change. It’s a retreat that’s meant to support activists in connecting to their inner selves so that the work they do comes from a place of true alignment, because how we […]

The Stories Men Tell

Last month folks from the Men’s Story Project (MSP) came to CXC to introduce folks to their organization. Begun by Josie Lehrer, MSP gives space for men to tell their stories in the interest of changing social ideas about masculinity. Part of their mission is “to strengthen social norms that support healthy masculinities and gender equality.” […]

Poetry, Dharma & Song

These days the practice hall is being used for more than just yoga and meditation. We’ve increased our programs and this past May we held several terrific events, including our monthly dharma talk with angel Kyodo williams, which had all of us deeply considering the importance and meaning of integrity. Gina Breedlove came out to […]

Spring Cleaning in the Garden

We had our annual spring cleaning at the Center a couple weeks ago on a gorgeous, unexpectedly warm Northern California day. Usually we go all out and tidy the garage, clean up the practice hall, and put folks to work in all of the common areas of the house. This year we focused on the […]

Meet Our New Communications Steward | Kim King

After several months of looking, and several candidates, we settled on East Coast native Kim King to help us with our communications outreach. She’s already enlivened CXC with her quick wit, problem solving skills, and absolute passion for marketing and outreach. As our communications steward she’ll focus on external communications for CXC, including all events […]

Finding Center

This past month CXC launched a pilot program called 3|ONE, a centering practice based on jo kata–a martial arts form that uses a wooden staff for self-defense. In jo kata one practices a series of moves against an invisible opponent by using thrusts, strikes and other defensive postures. Unlike standard jo kata, 3|ONE is designed […]

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