How Nonprofits Make Data Fun & Informative

Nonprofits have long relied on stories to help stir emotion. However, as the nonprofit world has evolved, so, too, has the need to communicate more than just emotion. Foundations and corporate supporters increasingly want to see numbers that show that nonprofits are delivering results. Donors want to see metrics to help them understand why they […]

The Fundraising Outlook for 2013

As far as taxes go, what will nonprofits face in the new year? Patrick Rooney, Steven MacLaughlin, and Holly Hall, answer questions you may have about your organization’s financial future.  Nonprofits enter the new year facing an unsettled fundraising climate. Donors are concerned about the sluggish economy, potential cuts to federal spending, and changes to the tax code. Will […]

Cool Sites for Cash

Here are a few sites that offer more than just ideas and articles, but give tips for a how a nonprofit can raise a little dough–and there’s even one specifically for grantmakers.   Blue Avocado Blue Avocado is a tad more than just a financial site, they also talk about a slew of things that […]

One Fire Development Corporation | Context Is Everything

Native Americans face extraordinary challenges when entering the philanthropic maze created by foundations. While $5.4 billion is awarded in grants across the United States, less than one percent is targeted toward Native American communities and some of those funds are granted to non-Native controlled institutions with limited participation by native people. The reasons for this […]

The Easiest Way to Raise Money | Register with CFC

If you’re looking for another way to raise funds, the Combined Federal Campaign might offer an option you hadn’t considered.  As is true of most campaigns, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the money. However, receiving funds is such a “no-brainer” that trying is probably worth it.  Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) guru Bill Huddleston tells how nonprofits can […]

Reach Out to Foundation Program Officers

This is the final installment in a 3-part series on how to get more funding. In this part listeners learn about the program officers who read grant proposals and how they can develop a relationship with them. Getting to know a foundation’s program officer is the smartest step a grant seeker can take. Program officers […]

How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal

In the second part of this three-part series, Tony Martignetti talks to Dalya Massachi about some key points that you might want to include in your grant proposal, such as encouraging the funder to see your organization as a “solid investment.” Overall, in part two Dalya gives ways for you to make an unforgettable impression […]

Why Thinking Small Helps Win Big Grant Money

Listen to the first podcast of this 3-part series on grant seeking, which focuses on one of the ways that nonprofits could be more successful in getting the money they need. One of the people interviewed for the series offers this advice: Instead of asking a foundation to fund one large project, break the project […]

The Philanthropic Complex

Is funding really fair? The funding process is supposed to support organizations that are interested in bringing about needed social change, but it seems more often than not organizations’ ideas are short-changed because they are beholden to the funder. Curtis White looks at the ins and outs of this tricky relationship. In the fall of […]

Environmental Groups Get New Outlet to Raise Money Online

Learn more about Ioby, an organization that fundraises for environmental groups. They’ve already raised a ton for New York grassroots environmental efforts. Environmental organizations from around the country last week got a chance to seek support for local projects by creating fundraising pages on Ioby, which stands for “in our backyards.” The nonprofit hopes to become […]

Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter?

Every three years Grantmakers for Effective Organizations conducts a study to see how the relationships between grantmakers and grantees are faring. Earlier this year they put out Is Grantmaking Getting Smarter? as a guide to help navigate where the relationships between grantees and grantmakers seem to be going. Here’s a little of what they found: […]

Money & Mission | Nonprofits Need to Stop Begging for Scraps

Over the past few months, the Nonprofit Finance Fund has had the opportunity to work with several foundations and regional associations of grant makers across the nation on efforts to rethink how they can better use their grant dollars to achieve more and better results in their communities. Time after time, I have been struck […]

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