44 | hail to the chief

Two essays in celebration of and conversation with our 44th President Barack Hussein Obama

beginnings: who needs water bottles if we’re all about to die?

  beginnings: who needs water bottles if we’re all about to die? INcite with angel Kyodo williams “Your human form took millions of years, millions of years, to be an expression of the universe wanting to be awake to itself. Who are you to deny that responsibility? How could you possibly do anything else? How […]

If Willard Had Won: on safety, wellness and love

It’s been two weeks since the election, and all is right in the world. Okay, so that isn’t remotely true with Israel once again bombing Gaza in a stunning display of the imbalance of their military might. Even in the midst of all the injustice, death and destruction that continues, we can nurture the tiniest […]

on voting – giving the gift

“MindfulVOTES logo” mindfulness that matters ©2012 Transformative Change giving the gift: what if mindfulness really matters?   INcite with angel Kyodo williams Not too long ago, I felt like you might be feeling: I’ve worked very hard to view life from a different perspective. Choosing to observe—and let go of—negative thinking and harmful patterns, only […]

This is Your Life

  This is your LIFE. Do what you love, and do it often. It you don’t like something, change it. If you don’t like your job, quit. If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop they will be waiting for you when you […]

five ways to lead with love

The vitriol and sheer negativity of some rabid conservative agendas feel like they drag us into contraction and smallness…Paradoxically, it’s only the expansive power of love that can lead us into a politic of inspiration. But how do we, especially in the face of great challenge and a fierce push to fight fire with fire, truly lead with love?

the practice of inconvenience

the practice of inconvenience: what’s in your wallet?   INcite with angel Kyodo williams Years ago, Gloria Steinem, the formidable godmother of modern feminism posed a query that my fading memory won’t recall exactly, but it irrevocably changed how I view my life. The gist of it was this: if life came to an end […]

imagining the world that’s possible

INcite with angel Kyodo williams Imagine a world that is not absent of injustice, but one in which the people that are treated unjustly are empowered with such a rich connection to their inherent value and self-worth through their sense of belonging in society, that to address the injustice is seen as a welcome aspect of life’s […]

in your face: the insistence of integrity

By it’s very nature, integrity eschews expedience and is always complete. It isn’t at our convenience and cannot be sometimes. There is no such thing as partial whole.

where leadership lives

Today’s progressive leaders must systematically and lovingly prepare us to tolerate the inherent discomfort of change now in order to wedge open the way to transformation in the future. To do that, they must be the leading point of that wedge, willing to meet resistance where it is and still hold space for us all to come along.

ain’t we all women?

sojourner’s truth rings on INcite with angel Kyodo williams International Women’s Day is upon us; March is officially proclaimed Women’s History Month. The affirmation and celebration of women’s endless contributions should be dubbed the Greatest No-Brainer of Them All. As Marian Wright Edelman pointed out in her essay marking the 100th anniversary, “Women have always […]

heart stones

love letter to a president

this time we will INcite with angel Kyodo williams Valentine’s Day is upon us, so it seems appropriate to reaffirm my love, most especially in those places in which I have been least clear. Just over three years ago, I wrote a short essay called “finally american.” It was a love letter of sorts in […]

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