the year of yes

This Age of Aquarius beckons higher awareness and shifts in consciousness that signal an evolutionary leap forward. 2012 presents an opportunity that we, as a collective, are privileged to see arising…a new view is possible. Far from being a year of ends, 2012 can be a new beginning.

revolution in review | a year of change

transform. evolved from a simple newsletter (to) reflecting upon and lifting up the emerging field and movement that has become known as Transformative Social Change…these ten essays from the last year tell the tale of the movement that was (and is) to come.

three lessons from occupy

Practicing Our Values in Times of Change INcite with angel Kyodo williams Author’s note: During the last month I’ve visited the Occupy spaces of three different cities, including NY’s Occupy Wall Street. Yes, I know the name is a problem, but that is what they were called in these places. What follows is an edited […]

where’s your wall street?

  riding the raging bull to freedom At first it was just a whisper that spoke more to what wasn’t happening than to what was: mainstream media was shutting out coverage of the thousand or so people that had begun to gather starting September 17th at the unfortunately named Zuccoti park. Even when 2,000 mostly […]

the transformation code

Over the past year, I’ve been making the sometimes painful transition from working harder to working smarter, often against the grain of long-established habits instilled by ideas about work ethics and the meaning we assign being at some work “place” doing work “things” in a work “way.” I’m all good with taking time off…what I […]

apes will rise | rebellion for the heart

Just as London was beginning to be set ablaze by Blackberries, I was bracing myself for the current Hollywood reboot of Planet of the Apes. The 2001 remake starring Mark Wahlberg left me mortally wounded, having claimed itself a “revisioning” of the original story and movie, it managed to not only leave every racist/colorist myth […]

a more perfect union: using our wholebody

Our more perfect union will be neither this nor that. Leaving nothing and none of us behind, it will be WholeBody: a Third Way that embraces and embodies being fully Human: ever-evolutionary, ever-revolutionary, ever-dynamic and always Divine.

doing darkness: change vs. transformation

…it’s the sun that dragon and butterflies need to fly…but they need the dark to grow their magic wings. So do we. It is only once we emerge from the darkness that we will dare cast off our hardened shells to truly take flight.

real and not real: on border and divisions

We all make up stories about who we think other people are. And we make those divisions real,  forgetting about what is real and what does matter. In this reprint of angel Kyodo williams’ May 2010 article for transform., readers have a chance to rethink their ideas about borders and divisions. Rev. angel has been on […]

when the people rise

Beyond survival and security, self-determination is the underpinning of justice…Beyond simple survival, being able to determine our own path is the hallmark of self-expression, self-fulfillment, and most importantly, self-love.

red, white and black

Waving their flags of red, white and black with defiance and dignity, destiny is on the side of revolution and the government must finally yield to the eternal law of change. What I see in Egypt is all the people of the world that seek out justice when it is too long denied, insist upon equality when it too long unbalanced, and take back freedom when it is too long withheld.

state of union

I propose one single resolution that we can take on right now: A resolution for revolution. I propose that we put our efforts into forming a new state. A state of union. I propose that we become a single movement of movements. I propose that we become one.

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