newDharma Talk | How to Practice | Getting Out of the Way of Change

We all want to change in some way, whether that means stopping a bad habit or changing a fundamental behavior. And we come up with a slew of excuses to explain why we haven’t changed: The conditions are all wrong. We haven’t got the money, the time, the support. It’s easier to do that than […]

newDharma Talk | The 2nd Noble Truth

In this dharma talk, we get a chance to understand the nuances of the Second Noble Truth as well as the various ways that we hang onto the things we’re comfortable with and distract ourselves from the many things we don’t want to look at. For our own sakes we are reminded that the Buddha, […]

newDharma Talk | Practicing Our Values in Times of Change

Change is happening now, and no one knows how things are going to turn out. We only know that things will be different. The question is how do we hold ourselves as change proceeds, as things are torn apart before our very eyes? Acting divisively will bring more of the same, only harder and stronger. […]

newDharma Talk | The Value of Effort & Release

 As social change agents, we try to do too much because there is so much to do, and the need to get things done never seems to stop. But that endless action of doing, doing, doing begins to create imbalance in our lives and unsustainable work, action, etc. quickly follows. This dharma talk will remind […]

newDharma Talk | The Six Paramitas

As we enter the 27-Days of Change the six paramitas represent not just ideas about how we can best do things, but pure intentions to live our lives transformed. We all have a “head” way of thinking about these virtues, effort, patience, generosity…. But listen here and begin to understand how to hold them with […]

newDharma Talk | Freedom Beyond Hope & Fear

There’s a quote by Robert Schuller: “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” Here’s a similar question: “What would you let go of if you knew you could be free?” We’re not talking physical freedom, but freedom from your self, from your mind chatter, self-limitations, bad habits… While there aren’t prescriptions given […]

newDharma Talk | The Four Actions

Gandhi was fond of speaking about the fact that there was always truth in the other’s story and that it was our job to look for the truth that existed on the so-called other side…

newDharma Talk | The Third Noble Truth Part II

Part Two of The Third Noble Truth focuses on the devastation of realizing how we have been and the steady work it takes to wake up. “I want to tell you in my experience, I don’t know anyone, and I don’t know of anyone, and I haven’t heard of anyone that has even peered at […]

newDharma Talk | The Third Noble Truth Part I

There’s pain and pain is inevitable, but misery is a choice.

newDharma Talk | In the Country of the Self

“I am very, very content to just be here and to work with what I have. And not try to figure out how to have another life, how to have some life other than the one that’s in front of me. It seems like that’s what we’re often trying to do. We’re trying to figure out, How do I hurry up through this particular moment and get to another one?”

newDharma Talk | february 2011

As human beings, we have a particular shared expression. We’re a different expression than a rose. We’re not better expressions; we are different expressions. And as human beings, the human family is one single expression. And so our experience, our ultimate experience of being fully connected with all that is has got to be the same. The only thing that makes a difference is our small minds trying to create specialness out of a situation that is most, most ordinary.

newDharma Talk | True Community

What are the things we need to do to really Be the Change we wish to see in the world? Solve political conflicts? Save the environment? And more than that, how can we show up as we are and be seen? Listen to this new Dharma Talk (from our June 2010 edition) to discover the value of being who you ARE in community.

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