Could Your Kid Be Thrown In Jail for Wearing the Wrong Socks?

Last week, Julianne Hing reported a shocking story about students as young as 10 years old being thrown in jail for minor infractions at school—including dress code violations—in Meridian, Miss. She reports: In Meridian, when schools want to discipline children, they call the police. Arrests happen automatically, regardless of whether the police officer knows exactly what kind of offense […]

How Outsiders Can Become Allies

Elon James White breaks down what it means to be an Ally for marginalized groups–without putting your foot in your mouth. When I raised the racial issues I saw in the Occupy Movement, I was barraged by accusations of being divisive. We have to work together, my critics said. Identity politics is bad, they tweeted. It’s not […]

Volunteers At The HuffPost’s Oasis: Meet The Experts Making The Oasis Happen

Here’s a short piece (with great photos) of Off the Mat and MindfulVotes leaders at the Republican National Convention. The Huffington Post’s Oasis has some incredible volunteers. From certified massage therapists to yoga educators, they’re responsible for making The Oasis exactly that: a peaceful space for delegates to unplug and recharge. The nonprofit organization Off The […]

image credit: Svilen Milev

The Poor Are Expendable So Reporters Should Not Talk About Them

Wisconsin Senator Eric Hovde (R) believes the press should stop focusing on the way people are struggling through the recession and instead focus on more general things like the country’s debt and other problems. Egberto Willies thinks that’s a problem, and here’s why: I came across the story in the Huffington Post titled “Eric Hovde, […]

White Identity Politics

This article gives a thoughtful, honest take on the influence of white identity politics.  Whiteness has a political meaning as much as does Black or Asian or any other racial category. In order to define non-whites as inferior and deviant, whites needed to be defined as superior and normal. By claiming the category “normal,” whites […]

Obama Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

President Obama endorsed same-sex marriage Wednesday, capping days of frenzied speculation about his views and intensifying pressure from gay campaign donors that began with surprising comments on the issue over the weekend by Vice President Biden. The announcement marked an apparent end to Obama’s self-described “evolution” on the issue. Read more… Watch the video interview Original article, […]

Six Great Occupy Actions for this Spring

Though some of the following events have come and gone, there are plenty of big actions Occupy will be taking up in April and in May. For instance, the worldwide general strike on May Day.  Occupy changed over the winter from outdoor camps to internal work and debates. But that laid the groundwork for a […]

On Revolution | Grace Lee Boggs & Angela Davis

Listen as revolutionary icons Grace Lee Boggs and Angela Davis talk about where we could be going (politically and socially), how we can make the very best of the opportunities we have right now, and why revolution is necessary. Watch On Revolution  

Stir the Pot, Recipes for Manifesting Change

Food justice activist and chef Bryant Terry has a new book out called The Inspired Vegan. Like his previous cookbooks it’s a compilation of good food, food justice, music, and healthful tips. One review on Amazon stated that, “This book is better described as a manifesto on how to re-imagine the growing, preparing, and eating of […]

Bill Allowing Government to Shut Down Web sites

Considering all of the ways that the Internet has brought folks together, left people better informed, and fueled the Occupy movement’s growth, the idea that the government wants to control it feels a little 1984. SOPA is supposedly a copyright infringement law, but it reads like something else. Check out the Vimeo video to better understand […]

FAIR is Safe…for Now

Original post from ACRJ Blog by Melanie Tom, dated October 12, 2011 Here’s the latest about the Fair Education Act. The anti-SB 48 ballot movement has failed to gather enough signatures for a June 2012 ballot measure. The FAIR (Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, Respectful) Education Act is safe…for now. The bill was signed into California law […]

Nurturing My Spirituality Through Fasting During Ramadan

  “The thing we tell of can never be found by seeking, yet only seekers find it.” –Bayazid Bistami Written & Contributed by Soha Al-Jurf It’s the final week of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and for the first time in my life, I am fasting. It’s not actually the first time I’ve fasted […]