Why Health Officials Want You to Eat More Potassium

High blood pressure is one health risk that is notorious within the black community. Diet and exercise and managing stress are the three things that come to mind when it comes to dealing with it. A recent study says that potassium (found in beans, baked potatoes, dark leafy greens, etc.) can be key in lowering […]

10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The flu has hit harder this year than any time in recent memory. It’s affecting the population so much on the East Coast and South East that New York State and the city of Boston have called in states of public health emergencies. Naturally, everyone wants to avoid getting the flu. So besides just washing […]

Self-Care & Activism | Suggestions for Alleviating Burnout

Inspired by an article we recently included in transform., “An End to Self Care” by B. Loewe, I started searching for resources on self-care. I found a ton of sites, articles, and tactics for ending burnout. Not all of the ones listed here are specifically for activists, some require certain steps be taken, others ask […]

What to do when you didn’t get any sleep (& crawling back in bed is not an option).

I love sleep; it’s a delicious pleasure. I don’t have any trouble sleeping, normally. I sometimes have trouble going to bed. And lately, my daughter has been waking up on and off all night and has decided I should wake up as well. Read more… Original article posted on elephant journal September 7, 2012 and […]

Occupy the Dam | Brazil’s Indigenous Uprising

Wellness and being well extends beyond us to the earth. And, of course, what we do to the earth affects all of us. Dams are noted for their destruction of the earth. The Belo Monte Dam in Brazil, which Indigenous people have been fighting against for many years, is no exception. What may be exceptional […]

Post-Election Self-Care | A Reminder of Its Benefits

Regardless of our level of involvement in the presidential election, we’ve most likely found our attention being pulled outside of ourselves in both enlivening and exhausting ways. After the pre-recorded phone messages have come to a stop and we’ve had a chance to feel and voice our opinion about the results, it’s time to take […]

How Voting Affects Your Health

Voters on Election Day not only hold the fate of democracy in their hands when they step into the voting booths. Casting a ballot can also have subtle effects on the health and behavior of voters–at times with profound consequences. Voting Causes Stress Campaigns can be physically taxing for candidates, but voters as well can […]

Trees Transform

Written & contributed by Shepherd Bliss Morning: Listening Trees transform, shield, shade and provide oxygen, fruit, and beauty. They offer many other gifts. Without trees, humans would not survive. Through the magical process of photosynthesis, tree leaves and other green plants release oxygen by transforming carbon dioxide and water. As our human learning community walks […]

As Colorado River Dries Up, The West Feels The Pain

Listen to the story about the Colorado River, a water source which many people in the country rely on for both water and electricity. Learn why its drying up and what’s being done to protect it.  The Colorado River touches the lives of Americans coast to coast. The river begins in the Rocky Mountains and […]

Breaking the Sugar Habit | 4 Simple Strategies

It’s hard not to love the taste of sugar. Not only is it in just about everything, our bodies, on some level, need it. Most of us, however, tend to like it a little too much. Here are a few tips on how to stay ahead of your sugar craving. One of the most common issues […]

Pollution, Poverty, People of Color | The Factory on the Hill

In early August there was a huge refinery fire in Richmond. Eight miles away you could see the smoke and hear the constant sirens into the night. The fire brought out the anger of the many people who live in the shadow of the Chevron refinery. Written a couple months before, this post tells the […]

Better Eating Through Mindfulness

Deborah Hill used to think she was skinny. Her 5 foot 9 inch frame could take on a lot of weight without making her look out of shape. But last year she was shocked to discover that she weighed over 210 pounds, which classified her as medically obese. “It was just crazy,” says Hill. “I’d […]

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