Think You’re Multitasking? Think Again

One of the things people who get a lot done tend to boast about is how well they multitask. According to this article, they have it all wrong.  Don’t believe the multitasking hype, scientists say. New research shows that we humans aren’t as good as we think we are at doing several things at once. […]

AIDS Returns to the U.S. Spotlight

There are people who have lived with AIDS for decades, a disease that people were so terrified of in the ’80s and ’90s that they wouldn’t use the same water fountain as folks who had it. Recently, there have been strong prospects for a cure for AIDS. Ways to get tested have also expanded. You […]

More Answers to Your Questions About the Health Care Law

It has taken 100 years to get universal health coverage in the US. (The first president to try to get health care passed was Teddy Roosevelt, in 1912.) Now that we have a new health care law, we also have a lot of questions. NPR gathered a few answers from its audience to help us […]

Where in the world can you get universal health care?

There were a lot of Facebook posts that joked about Republican flight to Canada now that Obama’s health care plan has passed. Canadians, of course, enjoy a universal health care system. In fact, there are about 50 countries worldwide that have something close to universal health care.  (CNN) — The U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Barack […]

Corporate Front Groups Fight to Make Sure You Can’t Know What’s in Your Food

These days there are folks who want GMOs not to be included on labels, and they’re hoping that voters in California reject the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act in November. But so far most folks are against the idea of not knowing what’s in their food. So what in the world are they cooking […]

Childbirth as a Human Rights Issue.

Expressed in an important film. This post, and the films included within it, exposes the general outlawing of home births in the Western world. Even here in the States, midwives who practice in a state that doesn’t recognize their certification will be prosecuted.  The film by One World Birth looks at human rights as it pertains to women […]

Early to Rise

Daylight Savings Time was officially instituted in the 1970s to defray energy costs. Although the benefits may not outweigh the costs to our sleep and our overall health, let alone the actual energy savings, it seems unlikely that the practice will ever change. It was not hard to find Daylight Savings Time detractors this morning, […]

Game Over for the Climate

Climate change, oddly enough, is something you can believe in–or not. Whatever you believe, global warming is affecting us, and the changes are happening more rapidly than scientists originally expected.  GLOBAL warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening. That is why I was so troubled to read a recent interview with President Obama in Rolling Stone in […]

The Dark Side of Soy

Soy is everywhere, even in things that you might not suspect–salad dressing, for instance. It’s supposed to be good for you, especially for menopausal women. Not so. In Asia, soy was historically fed to livestock. It was considered inedible. And these days it makes a lot of people sick. One woman tells her story below: […]

Young Lungs, Old Brain

There’s a popular notion that all the cells in our body renew themselves every seven years. You’ve probably heard it. Only thing is, it’s just not true. Some cells don’t have the chance to stick around that long. Think about it. The acid in your stomach can reduce most things you eat to mush so […]

What’s Happening to the Bees?

Bees are dying in large numbers. They are THE connection between plants and pollination. The connection between crops and people. Insects can live without us, we can’t live without them. Nature has her mysteries, breathtaking mind-blowers that leave us confused. What the hell is happening to the bees is a big one. It’s a monster, ecologically speaking, because […]

Pollution Playing A Major Role In Sea Temperatures

The Atlantic Ocean, especially the North Atlantic, is peculiar: Every few decades, the average temperature of surface water there changes dramatically. Scientists want to know why that is, especially because these temperature shifts affect the weather. New research suggests that human activity is part of the cause. Scientists originally thought that maybe some mysterious pattern […]

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