The First Bright+3 Book Launch | The Nimble Nonprofit

Check out a new e-book on how to build a stronger, better, faster nonprofit in today’s ever changing environment. Learn how to take unconventional risks, build relationships, and test assumptions about what it takes to be successful in the nonprofit world. I am thrilled to announce the launch of The Nimble Nonprofit: An Unconventional Guide to […]

Radical Religion, an American Tradition

In his new book, Prophetic Encounters, Dan McKanan talks about the union of radicalism and religion, showing it’s long history and how these two seemingly different perspectives have supported communities in the US in fighting injustice since the 1800s. He also talks about the encounters these kind of movements draw forth in others, suggesting that […]

Mortgaging the Future | Portraits of Underwater America

Today 11 million Americans own homes that are “underwater,” or worth less than their mortgages. Strangled by the same big banks who caused the housing crisis, many homeowners now find their banks unwilling to negotiate—even when they can pay. Few families will ever be able to pay off their inflated mortgages. Many will default. As […]

ACRJ | Renamed, Renewed

For 10 years ACRJ has been, well, ACRJ. But they’ve recently taken on a new name–Forward Together–for their organization as a reflection of where they hope the reproductive justice movement will go and how they hope it will get there. And while the name is new, their focus remains on Asian communities, reproductive justice, and building […]

Occupy Media Grows

Written & contributed by Shepherd Bliss “, which means to occupy the commons, will go online later this month,” reported Michael Levitin, a 35-year-old founding editor of the Occupied Wall Street Journal. He spoke on March 16 at an event in Santa Rosa, California, hosted by the forthcoming Occupied Press—North Bay/Prensa Ocupada—Bahia Norte. “We need […]

What We Owe Adrienne Rich

  “The late poet was a patriot who wrestled for the soul of her country.” This tribute to Adrienne Rich reflects on the power of her ability to offer hope and wholeness through poetry.  I know you are reading this poem listening for something, torn between bitterness and hope… I was 19 when I first read […]

From Prison to Parliament | Aung San Suu Kyi Wins Seat in Landmark Vote

  “After more than 15 years in detention, Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has won a seat in parliament, sparking scenes of jubilation among supporters. Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy party had not participated in Burma’s politics since 1990, when it won a landslide victory in a general election but remained unrecognized […]

Six Great Occupy Actions for this Spring

Though some of the following events have come and gone, there are plenty of big actions Occupy will be taking up in April and in May. For instance, the worldwide general strike on May Day.  Occupy changed over the winter from outdoor camps to internal work and debates. But that laid the groundwork for a […]

Stir the Pot, Recipes for Manifesting Change

Food justice activist and chef Bryant Terry has a new book out called The Inspired Vegan. Like his previous cookbooks it’s a compilation of good food, food justice, music, and healthful tips. One review on Amazon stated that, “This book is better described as a manifesto on how to re-imagine the growing, preparing, and eating of […]

The Metrics of Movement Building, A Guide

University of Southern California (USC) has a report out that addresses the value of organizing, especially as a way to build movements further and in substantial, transformative ways. They also talk about how funders have begun looking to movements as ways to broaden their capacity to support social change. Their report, “Transactions – Transformations – […]

RE-Generative Somatics

Generative Somatics supports social justice folks in unveiling things that keep their limiting beliefs in place, things which interfere with the work they’re doing to change the world. Their programs are life changing and this year they are launching a new Web site (up on January 15th) that will include: “course descriptions, [Generative Somatics] papers and […]

Brand New

  Join new Rockwood Leadership or Social Justice Leadership trainings. Also, look for the newest edition of Randy Shaw’s The Activists Handbook.  Fellowship for Death Penalty Abolition Leaders “Rockwood is launching the Fellowship for Death Penalty Abolition Leaders to provide powerful and effective training in leadership and collaboration to leaders within this important sector.” Beginning January 2012, […]

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