Migration Is Beautiful

A new documentary by the Voice of Art follows Favianna Rodriguez, an outspoken artist and activist, and other pro-migrant artists as speak they out against anti-migration across the US. “It also shows shines light on some of the worst migration policies in the country and what the community is doing to fight them back.” Learn […]

New Good Reads

Here are some great new books relevant to thinking about change and making change in the years ahead. A couple of them you can download gratis, the others are available on Amazon. All of them lend some message of importance to the field of transformative social change and/or activism.    Even My Voice Is Silence […]

november 2012

Rights of Indigenous People The Global Issues site contains a very large selection of articles on social, political, economic and environmental issues. For now we focus on the many articles that address the rights of Indigenous people and their struggle throughout the world. Indigenous Peoples This is an essay providing an overview of the environmental […]

The Aftermath of Occupy Will Surpass the Gains of 1960s Activism

Unemployed young people are the reason the Occupy movement just might create more significant gains than those of the 1960s. That is saying a lot, but just think about it. Recent graduates expecting to find work, can’t find work and are not likely to take that news lying down. And that’s something that wasn’t true […]

Out of the Spiritual Closet

Practitioners in the field articulate the connection between spirituality and social justice in a myriad of ways. This section shares several frameworks for understanding and describing this work. In addition to sharing the central visual related to each framework, the sources are listed for the reader to find more in depth narrative. Some of these […]

Jim Toy | Transforming Societal Paradigms

This June, as we celebrate LGBT Pride Month, Jim Toy invites every viewer to shift the societal paradigm from “sex, politics and religion” to “love, justice and faith”.  Jim Toy is a pioneer in LGBT activism and education and has worked for the University of Michigan for 23 years. Watch Transforming Societal Paradigms

Gibrán Rivera | Ancestors in Training

Gibrán Rivera is a Senior Associate for the Interaction Institute for Social Change. His job is to help people work better together. He is committed to the development of leaders, organizations and networks and uses coaching, training, process design and facilitation in service of those who are committed to social transformation. His graduate studies were in diplomacy and […]

Heroes of the Environmental Movement

“The Goldman Environmental Prize is the world’s largest prize for grassroots environmentalists. Founded in 1989, the Prize has been awarded to 151 people from 81 countries. Each of the winners, chosen from the planet’s six inhabited continental regions, receives $150,000. These individuals demonstrate exceptional courage and commitment, often working at great risk to protect our […]

On Revolution | Grace Lee Boggs & Angela Davis

Listen as revolutionary icons Grace Lee Boggs and Angela Davis talk about where we could be going (politically and socially), how we can make the very best of the opportunities we have right now, and why revolution is necessary. Watch On Revolution  

The Environmental Connection | Psychology & Sustainability

Our impact on the earth, and on one another, has long been acknowledged. The fairly young field of ecopsychology looks at how our minds are connected to the “mind” of the earth and how our behavior and how we feel about ourselves (and one another) reflects that. From that state of mind climate change, pollution […]

Effective Activism

Original article on the Co-Intelligence Institute’s Web site. Some theories and ideas about who and why transformative social change is a valuable next step for all activists.  THE TAO OF ACTIVISM? Some of us feel something is wrong or missing in activism based on adversariality, power struggles, critiques, demonstrations and endless meetings with no juice. […]

Why Target And Best Buy’s Support Of Anti-Gay Bigots Is Going To Change The Way You Shop Forever

Target gave $150,000. Best Buy chipped in $100,000. Companies supporting politicians or their political action committees isn’t new. A quarter-million dollars for Minnesota Forward—a group that supports anti-gay rights candidates like Tom Emmer—might seem like a gay rights issue, but it’s so much more. It represents the next frontier in consumer activism and a world where every purchase acts as a political statement. Join us inside as we explain.