beginnings: who needs water bottles if we’re all about to die?

  beginnings: who needs water bottles if we’re all about to die? INcite with angel Kyodo williams “Your human form took millions of years, millions of years, to be an expression of the universe wanting to be awake to itself. Who are you to deny that responsibility? How could you possibly do anything else? How […]

newDharma Talk | The Gift of Fearlessness

Practice is about changing what we do in order to become who we are. Often, we start with boundless enthusiasm and optimism for our unfolding self, but as we run into snags we fall into old patterns. Here are a few ways we can remember to give to ourselves so that we can truly become […]

adrienne maree brown | american revolutionary

i assert my solutions as the living embodiment of my nationality… i’m testing that statement out. for a long time, most of my conscious political life, i have not thought of myself as an american (and not a nationalist at all, especially not of a colonial empire). i have been a world traveller. a future […]

Say Yes!

  November is always an interesting time of year. We turn the clocks back, vote for local, state, and national officials, share Thanksgiving with loved ones, and begin the challenging task of closing the year out. This November is filled with all types of events and activities here at the Center. Starting at the beginning […]

on voting – giving the gift

“MindfulVOTES logo” mindfulness that matters ©2012 Transformative Change giving the gift: what if mindfulness really matters?   INcite with angel Kyodo williams Not too long ago, I felt like you might be feeling: I’ve worked very hard to view life from a different perspective. Choosing to observe—and let go of—negative thinking and harmful patterns, only […]

newDharma Talk | The Value of Effort & Release

With the election weeks away, many people are attached to the outcome. This dharma talk, originally published last fall, is a good reminder for us all to give our best effort toward the campaign and then let go of our attachment to the results.  “We run out into the world wanting to fix things with […]

newDharma Talk | Coming Back to What Matters

We’re often distracted by what we’d like the future to hold. Distraction moves our attention away from whatever’s in front of us, and we forget not only the moment we’re in but also ourselves. By doing so we leave our true selves behind. If we face the present, we’ll find there is value–life–in staying right where […]

Marianne Manilov | Beyond the Social Network, Engaging Community

Marianne is the Co-founder and Co-Director of The Engage Network, formed to respond to the inquiry How do we build stronger movements to make real systemic change? The Engage Network marries the best online organizing strategies with a unique, small circle approach to offline base building. The result is Change on a Human Scale- a robust network […]

Poetry, Dharma & Song

These days the practice hall is being used for more than just yoga and meditation. We’ve increased our programs and this past May we held several terrific events, including our monthly dharma talk with angel Kyodo williams, which had all of us deeply considering the importance and meaning of integrity. Gina Breedlove came out to […]

newDharma Talk | Atonement for Creating Separation

In our day-to-day lives we might think of separation as neutral, as the thing that differentiates us from others. From a spiritual perspective separation is divisive; it is a way of thinking or acting that keeps us from knowing our whole self. And knowing who we are means looking at the parts of ourselves we […]

newDharma Talk | A Time to Listen

How often do we heed the call of what our hearts are telling us? Most of us ignore them because the call isn’t loud, immediate, forceful. And yet there is much to learn here. There are answers in us reflecting deep wisdom which are hard to discern without effort. Here, we might find ourselves, our […]

newDharma Talk | Your Practice Is Your Life

 It happens time and again, we set out with the best intentions to redefine, reframe or change some aspect of our lives, and are waylaid on the path to freedom by what looks like a better route. In order to get anywhere Real practice has to lead you. You have to give it the reins […]