Meeting the Needs of Immigrant Rights Leaders

The Rockwood Fellowship focuses on leaders who are working for the human and civil rights of immigrant communities. While historically, immigration policy has failed to meet the needs of these communities, over the years, and especially the last decade, more and more people have been mobilizing to influence how these policies are shaped.

real and not real

i have found the thinking, choices, behavior and resulting consequences of our people so incomprehensible at a heart level, that my mind has refused to put words to a phenomena that seems beyond them.

Gihan Perera | A Declaration for a Free Arizona

Gihan Perera has become a nationally recognized progressive movement leader, organizer, and strategist. He began his activism as a student in high school in Los Angeles and then at UC Berkeley. While organizing against the first Gulf War, Perera hosted a radio program on a local station melding his passion for social and racial justice and music. In 1999, together with Tony Romano, he founded the Miami Workers Center (MWC), a dynamic organization which plays a leading role locally and nationally in the social justice movement.