Welcome | february 2013

The other night I watched the 1991 feature JFK about the Kennedy assassination. The film’s implications are frightening. While JFK may seem to have little to do with February, with love, relationships, with Black History Month, my thoughts lie in the relationships built and broken. In how events ripple out in waves. In our need […]

Julian Treasure | 5 Ways to Listen Better

  In our louder and louder world, says sound expert Julian Treasure, “We are losing our listening.” In this short, fascinating talk, Treasure shares five ways to re-tune your ears for conscious listening — to other people and the world around you.” Watch 5 Ways to Listen Better

beginnings: who needs water bottles if we’re all about to die?

  beginnings: who needs water bottles if we’re all about to die? INcite with angel Kyodo williams “Your human form took millions of years, millions of years, to be an expression of the universe wanting to be awake to itself. Who are you to deny that responsibility? How could you possibly do anything else? How […]

New Good Reads

Here are some great new books relevant to thinking about change and making change in the years ahead. A couple of them you can download gratis, the others are available on Amazon. All of them lend some message of importance to the field of transformative social change and/or activism.    Even My Voice Is Silence […]

Simple Tools, Powerful Possibilities

Recently, one of the staff at the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC) was surprised to discover the possibility of creating change with a few simple tools. A delegation she met with from Egypt, who talked about their desire to bring politics in their country back into the hands of the people, inspired her to […]

Volunteers At The HuffPost’s Oasis: Meet The Experts Making The Oasis Happen

Here’s a short piece (with great photos) of Off the Mat and MindfulVotes leaders at the Republican National Convention. The Huffington Post’s Oasis has some incredible volunteers. From certified massage therapists to yoga educators, they’re responsible for making The Oasis exactly that: a peaceful space for delegates to unplug and recharge. The nonprofit organization Off The […]

Welcome | august 2012

Dissent, the less popular sister-word of protesting, is not a term we hear often. We hear protesting a lot – maybe because it’s about action. But they’re both important. Dissent holds the voice of our movements; protesting brings the action of change to our communities. This month transform. looks at different facets of the protest […]

the practice of inconvenience

the practice of inconvenience: what’s in your wallet?   INcite with angel Kyodo williams Years ago, Gloria Steinem, the formidable godmother of modern feminism posed a query that my fading memory won’t recall exactly, but it irrevocably changed how I view my life. The gist of it was this: if life came to an end […]

15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy | Dana Saviuc

  Sometimes when we want to make a shift in our behavior, we need to give some things up in order to make room for a new and improved way of being.   Here is a list of 15 things which, if you give up on them, will make your life a lot easier and […]

adrienne maree brown | without manipulation

Original post “without manipulation” written by adrienne maree brown and posted on The Luscious Satyagraha blog, January 27, 2012. For the rest of 2012, and hopefully beyond, we will be featuring a floating column with contributions from adrienne maree brown’s Luscious Satyagraha blog.  Except to see her featured in various sections of the blog. Enjoy this […]

newDharma Talk | How to Practice | Getting Out of the Way of Change

We all want to change in some way, whether that means stopping a bad habit or changing a fundamental behavior. And we come up with a slew of excuses to explain why we haven’t changed: The conditions are all wrong. We haven’t got the money, the time, the support. It’s easier to do that than […]

revolution in review | a year of change

transform. evolved from a simple newsletter (to) reflecting upon and lifting up the emerging field and movement that has become known as Transformative Social Change…these ten essays from the last year tell the tale of the movement that was (and is) to come.