How to Be a Racial Justice SuperHero

Originally written around the MLK holiday, this piece is priceless and timeless. It invites us to use everything we’ve got–body and soul, pocketbook, voice, etc.–to resist racial injustice because that’s how the job will get done. Be sure to check out the graphic on the Colorlines site, which illustrates the many ways all of us can […]

Race & Occupy Wall Street

The diversity of OWS is in question, and at the same time, in many cities throughout the country, there are Occupy movements that have been more inclusive. Let’s consider how to maintain diversity throughout all the Occupy movements so that we aren’t recreating a new divisiveness in seeking to make real change. The incident is […]

Harry Belafonte on Race & Politics Today

Belafonte has spent decades helping to lead reform movements around the world… His accumulated wisdom brings invaluable context to the ups and downs of electoral politics. Most importantly, Belafonte stresses…our concern must be with building a people-driven movement for justice, to which any elected official must respond.