Coming to the Table With chapters across the US, Coming to the Table is an organization that invites conversation between the descendants of slaves and slaveholders in a move toward healing and reconciliation. “They value the sharing of personal, family and community stories as a powerful vehicle for uncovering history, building relationships, healing and inspiring […]

B. Loewe | An End to Self Care

Is the focus on self care driving us away from community care? Or not? B. Loewe’s article, which calls for the end of self care as a means towards collective change, gives us all something to think about. I’m going to say it. I want to see an end to “self-care.” Can we put a […]

Developing Community for Great Resilience

“For twenty years, The Berkana Institute has worked in friendship and partnership with people around the world who are discovering that there is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Co-founded by Margaret Wheatley in 1991, the Berkana Institute focuses on the ability of community to support and create […]

Marianne Manilov | Beyond the Social Network, Engaging Community

Marianne is the Co-founder and Co-Director of The Engage Network, formed to respond to the inquiry How do we build stronger movements to make real systemic change? The Engage Network marries the best online organizing strategies with a unique, small circle approach to offline base building. The result is Change on a Human Scale- a robust network […]

Gibrán Rivera | Ancestors in Training

Gibrán Rivera is a Senior Associate for the Interaction Institute for Social Change. His job is to help people work better together. He is committed to the development of leaders, organizations and networks and uses coaching, training, process design and facilitation in service of those who are committed to social transformation. His graduate studies were in diplomacy and […]

Welcome | april 2012

If we could reach down to the bottom of our (soul, heart, spirit, call it what you will), then we might grasp what nerve leadership hits. It goes beyond what is best for me or what I’ve been taught or what I value. It is more than perfect obedience to an idea. It is more […]

Funding for Women Only | Global Fund for Women

Founded by three women in 1987, the Global Fund for Women focuses its efforts on providing funding for women in developing countries and on supporting human rights for women. They believe that “investing in women is the single most effective antidote to the world’s pressing problems: war, poverty, disease. Women play a special role in […]

I Will Tell You if You’re an A*shole

Original article appeared in The Elephant Journal (January 23, 2012), written by Sarah Simmons. It’s important to give attention to the quality of people that we choose to spend our time with. I live in an intentional practice community where we have agreements to hold each other to our agreements. This kind of living is not for […]

Youth Is Our DESTINY

Anyone who’s been around the Bay Area for any amount of time has heard of the Destiny Arts Program. And for those of you who haven’t, don’t feel left out, read on… Founded by Kate Hobbs, Sarah Crowell, and Sifu Anthony Daniels, Destiny Arts (which stands for De-Escalation Skills Training Inspiring Nonviolence in Youth) has been inspiring […]

28 Days Later

All right, what’s your big resolution for 2011? A bunch of us are committed to meditating every day for at least 5 minutes. It’s a part of a virtual practice community called 28 Days, started last year by Gibrán Rivera of IISC…

newDharma Talk | True Community

What are the things we need to do to really Be the Change we wish to see in the world? Solve political conflicts? Save the environment? And more than that, how can we show up as we are and be seen? Listen to this new Dharma Talk (from our June 2010 edition) to discover the value of being who you ARE in community.

Back on the Block

The New Dharma Community is back full force. And we’re shaping up for the new year by bringing attention to the practices that transform lives–because a transformative movement is nothing without practice. And it’s nothing without community. So we’re re-introducing and refining ways to make what we do accessible to folks in the field.