newDharma Talk | Bearing Witness to Suffering

As a friend of mine likes to say, “You got people, you got problems.” Even if we’re simply facing ourselves, we’ve still got problems. We can’t escape our pain. We can’t hide from it or make it disappear, but we can learn to live with it. We can be in relationship with it. It starts […]

newDharma Talk | The Value of Effort & Release

With the election weeks away, many people are attached to the outcome. This dharma talk, originally published last fall, is a good reminder for us all to give our best effort toward the campaign and then let go of our attachment to the results.  “We run out into the world wanting to fix things with […]

Poetry, Dharma & Song

These days the practice hall is being used for more than just yoga and meditation. We’ve increased our programs and this past May we held several terrific events, including our monthly dharma talk with angel Kyodo williams, which had all of us deeply considering the importance and meaning of integrity. Gina Breedlove came out to […]

newDharma Talk | Atonement for Creating Separation

In our day-to-day lives we might think of separation as neutral, as the thing that differentiates us from others. From a spiritual perspective separation is divisive; it is a way of thinking or acting that keeps us from knowing our whole self. And knowing who we are means looking at the parts of ourselves we […]

newDharma Talk | The Six Paramitas, Part Two

In this talk we review the meaning behind each of the six perfections, or paramitas, and the value of each. These virtues are not called the six perfections for no reason; the paramitas are what we are trying to cultivate as we learn about our own true nature, which opens up the path to Awakening.  […]

newDharma Talk | The 2nd Noble Truth

In this dharma talk, we get a chance to understand the nuances of the Second Noble Truth as well as the various ways that we hang onto the things we’re comfortable with and distract ourselves from the many things we don’t want to look at. For our own sakes we are reminded that the Buddha, […]

newDharma Talk | The Value of Effort & Release

 As social change agents, we try to do too much because there is so much to do, and the need to get things done never seems to stop. But that endless action of doing, doing, doing begins to create imbalance in our lives and unsustainable work, action, etc. quickly follows. This dharma talk will remind […]

newDharma Talk | The Six Paramitas

As we enter the 27-Days of Change the six paramitas represent not just ideas about how we can best do things, but pure intentions to live our lives transformed. We all have a “head” way of thinking about these virtues, effort, patience, generosity…. But listen here and begin to understand how to hold them with […]