Freedom | Excerpt from Even My Voice Is Silence

While I was in Palestine from 2004-2005, the subject of freedom was persistently on my mind. I’ve spent my life with an awareness of prison, of the possibility of being imprisoned. With a sort of consciousness that I must somehow be prepared to be imprisoned, and that I must be prepared, somehow, to be mentally […]

Larry Yang | Now More Than Ever We Need Mindfulness

There is freedom in awareness and action. This post outlines, in a beautiful and inspirational way, a few of the ways we can find our way back home. As we already are feeling divisiveness of current politics and upcoming presidential elections… As we feel into pain and complexity of people holding seeming irreconcilable values which […]

newDharma Talk | Your Practice Is Your Life

 It happens time and again, we set out with the best intentions to redefine, reframe or change some aspect of our lives, and are waylaid on the path to freedom by what looks like a better route. In order to get anywhere Real practice has to lead you. You have to give it the reins […]

The Happiness Institute in San Francisco

I met Leah Pearlman at Wednesdays, a meditation sangha, that meets (you guessed it!) every Wednesday in Santa Clara, California. During one of our shares, or maybe even after dinner conversations, I learned that she co-created a space in San Francisco called the Happiness Institute.  Six months after Leah began to develop the idea, Jordan […]

The Prison of Freedom

Written & contributed by Daniel Alzamora Dickin What if the desire for freedom is a psychological trap, risking the sacredness one has for that not possessed? How many people have sacrificed all they have–integrity, life–for this dangerous concept, freedom? How many people have abused nature, become sociopaths, unempathic, opportunistic criminals? How many have murdered or have […]

A Child Lost Is a Victim Gained

A practitioner and long-time meditator, Troy “Kogen” Williams  lives inside the walls of San Quentin prison. His connection with one of our community members allows us to post this new column and read the first of many of his stories, thoughts, and insights–as well as those of his fellow inmates and practitioners–in relationship to the dharma.  […]

Our Egos: Comfortable Prisons

Original article from 2009. The secret to getting free is getting out of our own way. When we finally take a look at our obstacles (habits, ego, relationships with ourselves, with others, etc.), we don’t want to let them go. They are so us. This piece from (originally titled Freedom) outlines the things we […]

newDharma Talk | Freedom Beyond Hope & Fear

There’s a quote by Robert Schuller: “What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” Here’s a similar question: “What would you let go of if you knew you could be free?” We’re not talking physical freedom, but freedom from your self, from your mind chatter, self-limitations, bad habits… While there aren’t prescriptions given […]

red, white and black

Waving their flags of red, white and black with defiance and dignity, destiny is on the side of revolution and the government must finally yield to the eternal law of change. What I see in Egypt is all the people of the world that seek out justice when it is too long denied, insist upon equality when it too long unbalanced, and take back freedom when it is too long withheld.

A Taste of King’s Truth

“I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.