The Affect of the Mind on the Body

These links offer ideas about how the mind-body connection operates as well as the different ways it affects us–including its affect on our social and evolutionary landscape. Evolutionaries | Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea Carter Phipps, former editor of EnlightenNext magazine, has written a book that illustrates the connections between science and spirituality […]

A Wandering Mind is an Unhappy One

If you’re a skeptic about the value of doing one thing at a time, consider this most of the we’re doing one thing we’re actually thinking about another. AND, for the most part, while we’re distracted we’re also unhappy. For instance, if you’re a runner, you probably don’t think about running every time you hit […]

The Happiness Institute in San Francisco

I met Leah Pearlman at Wednesdays, a meditation sangha, that meets (you guessed it!) every Wednesday in Santa Clara, California. During one of our shares, or maybe even after dinner conversations, I learned that she co-created a space in San Francisco called the Happiness Institute.  Six months after Leah began to develop the idea, Jordan […]

Talk Deeply, Be Happy?

“It may sound counterintuitive, but people who spend more of their day having deep discussions and less time engaging in small talk seem to be happier…”

The Economics of Happiness

One of the keys to achieving happiness is to live appreciating what one has, rather than wanting more. It is important that we not be totally focused on wanting something that we don’t have – that makes for unhappy people.”

Lighten Up and Enjoy All That You Are Now

This is a reprint from the March 2010 issue of transform. It is a great reminder of what it means to celebrate the planting of new seeds and celebrating how far you’ve come.