How Voting Affects Your Health

Voters on Election Day not only hold the fate of democracy in their hands when they step into the voting booths. Casting a ballot can also have subtle effects on the health and behavior of voters–at times with profound consequences. Voting Causes Stress Campaigns can be physically taxing for candidates, but voters as well can […]

Breaking the Sugar Habit | 4 Simple Strategies

It’s hard not to love the taste of sugar. Not only is it in just about everything, our bodies, on some level, need it. Most of us, however, tend to like it a little too much. Here are a few tips on how to stay ahead of your sugar craving. One of the most common issues […]

adrienne maree brown | sabbatical your life (workshop report back from AMC 2012)

i have recently returned from a 6-month community-supported sabbatical. i am feeling healthier and happier now than i have ever felt in my adult life. i say that as someone who has burned out at least three times in my life, who has patterns of overworking, undersleeping, working in urgent hopeless conditions, and undervaluing my […]

AIDS Returns to the U.S. Spotlight

There are people who have lived with AIDS for decades, a disease that people were so terrified of in the ’80s and ’90s that they wouldn’t use the same water fountain as folks who had it. Recently, there have been strong prospects for a cure for AIDS. Ways to get tested have also expanded. You […]

The Dark Side of Soy

Soy is everywhere, even in things that you might not suspect–salad dressing, for instance. It’s supposed to be good for you, especially for menopausal women. Not so. In Asia, soy was historically fed to livestock. It was considered inedible. And these days it makes a lot of people sick. One woman tells her story below: […]

Young Lungs, Old Brain

There’s a popular notion that all the cells in our body renew themselves every seven years. You’ve probably heard it. Only thing is, it’s just not true. Some cells don’t have the chance to stick around that long. Think about it. The acid in your stomach can reduce most things you eat to mush so […]

Why More Americans Can’t Access Healthy Food

Julianne Hing interviews Tracie McMillan about her new book, The American Way of Eating, which explores why most Americans eat everything but what will keep them healthy.  In America, it’s not just eating well that’s solely for the rich. Increasingly, eating healthfully is something only the well-off can do as well. That’s in part because […]

Eveline Shen | Reclaiming Our Bodies, Ourselves

Eveline Shen is the Executive Director of Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice. ACRJ leads the Strong Families Initiative, which is changing the way we think, feel and act in support of families, gender and race. Eveline serves on the board of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project and Movement Strategy Center, as well as the advisory […]

Shoes at the Door

It is a fairly straightforward and simple practice, to remove your shoes at the door.  It is a common practice in Asian countries, and depending on what part of the United States you find yourself in, it may not be a a familiar custom. It is a good idea that promotes wellness on the physical, […]

Stop a Cold in Its Tracks

‘Tis the season for colds and flu. In recognizing the signs and symptoms of imbalance and then following through with good self-care, you are honoring your body’s wisdom and communication.  What do you do if you come down with a scratchy sore throat, body aches, fullness in your sinuses or a runny nose? If you […]

january 2012

  Winter Cleansing Avoid seasonal illness this winter by adopting a cleansing and detoxification plan. This article focuses on eating raw foods as a means of cleansing the body. There are some very interesting desert options as well.  The reader will also find links to additional information on internal and external benefits as well.  Winter […]

Building peaceWELL

Significant work has been done in bringing CXC’s peaceWELL into being. peaceWELL is a community-based wellness space designed to provide low- cost healing services to social justice activists and agents of social change to ensure that complementary and alternative wellness options are safe, culturally relevant, accessible, and affordable. Wellness offerings will include massage, acupuncture, acupressure, […]