Coming to the Table With chapters across the US, Coming to the Table is an organization that invites conversation between the descendants of slaves and slaveholders in a move toward healing and reconciliation. “They value the sharing of personal, family and community stories as a powerful vehicle for uncovering history, building relationships, healing and inspiring […]

august 2012

  Intellectuals & Their America Dissent, a quarterly magazine of politics and culture, invited several leading intellectuals to participate in a forum about the culture and politics of the US. Each participant was asked to respond to one or all of the following questions: 1. What relationship should American intellectuals have toward mass culture: television, […]

adrienne maree brown | why bother?

written in response to a friend who was asking about the point of integrity if the human race is on a downward spiral: wow. this is a lot. i’ve been thinking about this stuff a lot too, and i think when you come to town and we have our date i would love to focus […]

Butoh and My Right to Heal

“Butoh breaks down barriers between people, opening up uncomfortable feelings that have been repressed for many, many years.” In this reprint of Judith Kajiwara’s piece, “Butoh and My Right to Heal,” she explores the social history of this art form, its effect on the individual, and the impact that it has on society-at-large.