Say Yes!

  November is always an interesting time of year. We turn the clocks back, vote for local, state, and national officials, share Thanksgiving with loved ones, and begin the challenging task of closing the year out. This November is filled with all types of events and activities here at the Center. Starting at the beginning […]

on voting – giving the gift

“MindfulVOTES logo” mindfulness that matters ©2012 Transformative Change giving the gift: what if mindfulness really matters?   INcite with angel Kyodo williams Not too long ago, I felt like you might be feeling: I’ve worked very hard to view life from a different perspective. Choosing to observe—and let go of—negative thinking and harmful patterns, only […]

october 2012

  New Laws Could Disenfranchise 10 Million Latino Voters The disenfranchisement of voters is a reoccurring theme in modern election history. A report from The Advancement Project warns that the outcome of the 2012 election may be altered significantly due to recent voter ID laws and their affect on the Latino vote.  The Young & […]

It’s Go Time

  It’s that time of year. Depending on where you are in the country, the leaves are changing, it’s time to pull the sweaters out of the drawer and put the sandals away. It is also another time, it is time for the presidential election. The Center has been brimming with excitement this election season […]

Tim Ryan | A Mindful Nation

Congressman and MindfulVOTES Ambassador Tim Ryan shows us how the benefits of mindfulness apply to the current challenges that affect each of our lives and our communities, and thus have implications for our society as a whole. He offers a hopeful vision for how mindfulness can reinvigorate our core American values and transform and revitalize our communities. Watch […]

Anticipation & Preparation

The month of August has been an interesting time here at CXC. We have been diligently preparing for the month of September and all that it holds. The month began with exciting news about MindfulVOTES. Transformative Change, the national movement-building segment of our work will be anchoring this campaign. Its goal is to “galvanize the […]

Volunteers At The HuffPost’s Oasis: Meet The Experts Making The Oasis Happen

Here’s a short piece (with great photos) of Off the Mat and MindfulVotes leaders at the Republican National Convention. The Huffington Post’s Oasis has some incredible volunteers. From certified massage therapists to yoga educators, they’re responsible for making The Oasis exactly that: a peaceful space for delegates to unplug and recharge. The nonprofit organization Off The […]