How Nonprofits Make Data Fun & Informative

Nonprofits have long relied on stories to help stir emotion. However, as the nonprofit world has evolved, so, too, has the need to communicate more than just emotion. Foundations and corporate supporters increasingly want to see numbers that show that nonprofits are delivering results. Donors want to see metrics to help them understand why they […]

Financial Advice for Nonprofit Leaders

  Being a good leader at a nonprofit comes down to more than having good ideas and fighting the good fight. On a practical tip, it also means that you need to know how to handle money. One can’t live on good will alone. It’s something that those that know might not tell you because […]

Funding for Women Only | Global Fund for Women

Founded by three women in 1987, the Global Fund for Women focuses its efforts on providing funding for women in developing countries and on supporting human rights for women. They believe that “investing in women is the single most effective antidote to the world’s pressing problems: war, poverty, disease. Women play a special role in […]

The Economics of Happiness

One of the keys to achieving happiness is to live appreciating what one has, rather than wanting more. It is important that we not be totally focused on wanting something that we don’t have – that makes for unhappy people.”