The Metrics of Movement Building, A Guide

University of Southern California (USC) has a report out that addresses the value of organizing, especially as a way to build movements further and in substantial, transformative ways. They also talk about how funders have begun looking to movements as ways to broaden their capacity to support social change. Their report, “Transactions – Transformations – […]

Occupy Within | Take a Stand, SIT for Change

For four years Transformative Change (XC) has hosted SIT for Change, an event designed to bring inner awareness practices to agents of social change. This year, to support the many Occupy movements around the world, XC is asking folks to SIT, Chant, Center, Asana, Pray, etc. at an Occupy site near you. Come out, help […]

where’s your wall street?

  riding the raging bull to freedom At first it was just a whisper that spoke more to what wasn’t happening than to what was: mainstream media was shutting out coverage of the thousand or so people that had begun to gather starting September 17th at the unfortunately named Zuccoti park. Even when 2,000 mostly […]

the transformation code

Over the past year, I’ve been making the sometimes painful transition from working harder to working smarter, often against the grain of long-established habits instilled by ideas about work ethics and the meaning we assign being at some work “place” doing work “things” in a work “way.” I’m all good with taking time off…what I […]

Cara Page | Lifting Up Legacy, Place and Healing

The first things that you will notice about Cara Page are her thoughtfulness, her warmth, her ability to articulate layers of complexity and meaning, her abiding interest in the impact and responsibility of legacy, her commitment to centralizing healing into movement building, her deep Love for the South…

FSLI | Forward Stance Leadership Initiative

The Forward Stance Leadership Initiative (FSLI) is a project of Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ). Its purpose is to share the principles of Forward Stance with other social justice activists, whether they be intermediaries, meta-intermediaries, or those doing work on the frontlines.

Pathways to Collective Liberation

Activists are being asked to examine our current historical moment with real intimacy, with fresh eyes, fire, and compassion. Many of the once-groundbreaking methods we know and use have now begun to rot. Many of our tactics are now more than simply ineffective- they are dangerous.

The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

Gladwell questions what he perceives as outsized claims that social media has transformed the landscape of social activism. Among the points he makes is that social media builds “weak ties” that may tap people’s participation without getting at the kind of motivation required to take the risks necessary to make…

Transformative Organizing | Liberation of Self & Society

There is a major opportunity for the social justice movement to reassess its approach, envision a new way of organizing, and greatly increase its impact. The question is: Will the social justice movement of the 21st century meet…

ACRJ | Forward Stance in Action

Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice (ACRJ) promotes and protects reproductive justice through organizing, building leadership capacity, developing alliances and education to achieve community and systemic change.

Norma Wong | Stance, Energy, Awareness, and Rhythm

Ryuko (Norma) Wong Roshi is an Institute of Zen Studies instructor. Her career has spanned service as a State legislator, public policy and planning, strategy, and native Hawaiian issues. She developed a technology called Forward Stance, a method of highlighting experiential learning as a vehicle for movement building.