Sit Every Day

If one of your resolutions for the new year is to start meditating, check out this article in Shambhala Sun. It doesn’t tell you how to get past all your obstacles (necessarily), but does give many good reasons why people don’t meditate and why they should.  Despite all those resolutions, post retreat, New Year’s, and […]


  Center for Economic & Social Justice Get involved. Work in solidarity with others. Identify with a global network of social justice volunteers. Educate yourself and spread the word to support access to capital ownership as a basic human right.   Great Nonprofits This Website is a great resource for finding top-rated social justice nonprofits […]

When It Comes to Pursuing Your Goals, Let Your Unconscious Be Your Guide

January is the month that folks set New Year’s resolutions. I don’t know how things look statistically speaking, but from January through February my gym (for instance) is full of newcomers. But by April and May the attrition rate is obvious. So how do you stick to your long-term goals? According to scientists, a lot […]