How Nonprofits Make Data Fun & Informative

Nonprofits have long relied on stories to help stir emotion. However, as the nonprofit world has evolved, so, too, has the need to communicate more than just emotion. Foundations and corporate supporters increasingly want to see numbers that show that nonprofits are delivering results. Donors want to see metrics to help them understand why they […]

Todd Paglia | Speaking for the Trees

Todd Paglia started his advocacy career with Ralph Nader in 1995 by taking on some of the largest companies in the US on issues of corporate welfare and consumer protection. He also led in the transformation of the purchasing practices of the federal government, the world’s largest consumer of paper.  After more than a decade with ForestEthics, Todd has […]

Why Thinking Small Helps Win Big Grant Money

Listen to the first podcast of this 3-part series on grant seeking, which focuses on one of the ways that nonprofits could be more successful in getting the money they need. One of the people interviewed for the series offers this advice: Instead of asking a foundation to fund one large project, break the project […]

Environmental Groups Get New Outlet to Raise Money Online

Learn more about Ioby, an organization that fundraises for environmental groups. They’ve already raised a ton for New York grassroots environmental efforts. Environmental organizations from around the country last week got a chance to seek support for local projects by creating fundraising pages on Ioby, which stands for “in our backyards.” The nonprofit hopes to become […]

Love that Does Social Justice | IISC

Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC) is “a nonprofit organization that works for social justice and sustainability” by fostering great social impact through a variety of workshops and services. Their work helps folks develop relationship skills in organizations such as, “networks and coalitions, nonprofits (of all sizes), public sector agencies, schools and school systems, and […]

Milk Not Jails

To help solve an economic crisis, an organization in Upstate New York proposed a combination of dairy products and ex-cons.  What’s plentiful in upstate New York? Cows and prison inmates, to name a few things. Reformists in the two communities don’t make natural allies, but organizer Lauren Melodia is trying to do just that. “I […]

Money & Mission | Nonprofits Need to Stop Begging for Scraps

Over the past few months, the Nonprofit Finance Fund has had the opportunity to work with several foundations and regional associations of grant makers across the nation on efforts to rethink how they can better use their grant dollars to achieve more and better results in their communities. Time after time, I have been struck […]

Grantmakers & Grantees | The Strong Survive

Grantmakers and grantees work in a symbiotic process to push forth one mission. For those of us in the social change arena that’s usually some form of social or environmental equanimity. GEO, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, believe that with certain practices on the part of grantmakers, nonprofits could actually become stronger and effect more change. […]

Web of Change

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