Mike Edwards | Tools for Unraveling the Emperor’s New Clothes, Pt I

Michael Edwards is a writer and activist based in upstate New York who focuses on the links between personal and social transformation. He has spent 35 years in the non-profit sector in a variety of organizations including Oxfam, the Ford Foundation and Demos, where he is currently a fellow, and he also helped to launch the Seasons […]

How Outsiders Can Become Allies

Elon James White breaks down what it means to be an Ally for marginalized groups–without putting your foot in your mouth. When I raised the racial issues I saw in the Occupy Movement, I was barraged by accusations of being divisive. We have to work together, my critics said. Identity politics is bad, they tweeted. It’s not […]

The Aftermath of Occupy Will Surpass the Gains of 1960s Activism

Unemployed young people are the reason the Occupy movement just might create more significant gains than those of the 1960s. That is saying a lot, but just think about it. Recent graduates expecting to find work, can’t find work and are not likely to take that news lying down. And that’s something that wasn’t true […]

Top 5 Occupy Wall Street Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Written & contributed by Jane Smith If you are interested in the Occupy Wall Street movement, you know that it can change at a moment’s notice. Sometimes there are demonstrations held in Denver, while others are being held the same day in Los Angeles. Protesters are often uprooted by police officials or asked to move […]

Marianne Manilov | Beyond the Social Network, Engaging Community

Marianne is the Co-founder and Co-Director of The Engage Network, formed to respond to the inquiry How do we build stronger movements to make real systemic change? The Engage Network marries the best online organizing strategies with a unique, small circle approach to offline base building. The result is Change on a Human Scale- a robust network […]

Creating Community | Lessons from Occupy

Written & contributed by Shepherd Bliss  Occupy Wall Street (OWS) began using public space in New York’s Zuccotti Park on Sept. 17, which stimulated hundreds of similar encampments around and beyond the United States. During the past six months, this mass movement has been assaulted by police and by the corporate media. It has also […]

Six Great Occupy Actions for this Spring

Though some of the following events have come and gone, there are plenty of big actions Occupy will be taking up in April and in May. For instance, the worldwide general strike on May Day.  Occupy changed over the winter from outdoor camps to internal work and debates. But that laid the groundwork for a […]

revolution in review | a year of change

transform. evolved from a simple newsletter (to) reflecting upon and lifting up the emerging field and movement that has become known as Transformative Social Change…these ten essays from the last year tell the tale of the movement that was (and is) to come.

Welcome | november 2011

Nonviolence, waged with steady uncompromising discipline has brought down governments worldwide. Organized disobedience with the willingness the see one’s opponent as human unsettles those who are set on using force to get what they want. The Occupy movement’s steady growth encourages a look at a different way to be–a different way to be human and […]

Bay Area Occupations & Remembering Chile

Written & contributed by Shepherd Bliss Occupy Oakland won a resounding October 26 victory by mobilizing 3000 people to respond to a police riot. They took down the police fence that exiled them from the plaza in front of city hall, set up tents again, and returned to dancing and receiving massage and acupuncture treatments. […]

newDharma Talk | Practicing Our Values in Times of Change

Change is happening now, and no one knows how things are going to turn out. We only know that things will be different. The question is how do we hold ourselves as change proceeds, as things are torn apart before our very eyes? Acting divisively will bring more of the same, only harder and stronger. […]

three lessons from occupy

Practicing Our Values in Times of Change INcite with angel Kyodo williams Author’s note: During the last month I’ve visited the Occupy spaces of three different cities, including NY’s Occupy Wall Street. Yes, I know the name is a problem, but that is what they were called in these places. What follows is an edited […]