One Fire Development Corporation | Context Is Everything

Native Americans face extraordinary challenges when entering the philanthropic maze created by foundations. While $5.4 billion is awarded in grants across the United States, less than one percent is targeted toward Native American communities and some of those funds are granted to non-Native controlled institutions with limited participation by native people. The reasons for this […]

Mike Edwards | Tools for Unraveling the Emperor’s New Clothes, Pt I

Michael Edwards is a writer and activist based in upstate New York who focuses on the links between personal and social transformation. He has spent 35 years in the non-profit sector in a variety of organizations including Oxfam, the Ford Foundation and Demos, where he is currently a fellow, and he also helped to launch the Seasons […]

The Philanthropic Complex

Is funding really fair? The funding process is supposed to support organizations that are interested in bringing about needed social change, but it seems more often than not organizations’ ideas are short-changed because they are beholden to the funder. Curtis White looks at the ins and outs of this tricky relationship. In the fall of […]