Sit Every Day

If one of your resolutions for the new year is to start meditating, check out this article in Shambhala Sun. It doesn’t tell you how to get past all your obstacles (necessarily), but does give many good reasons why people don’t meditate and why they should.  Despite all those resolutions, post retreat, New Year’s, and […]

innerPRACTICE 2012 Resources

This time of year always seems to call for us to close out what is old and prepare for what is new. Depending on who you are, how you be, and the particular context of the moment, there are myriad ways to move through this kind of transition. Here are some resources that can help […]

newDharma Talk | The Gift of Fearlessness

Practice is about changing what we do in order to become who we are. Often, we start with boundless enthusiasm and optimism for our unfolding self, but as we run into snags we fall into old patterns. Here are a few ways we can remember to give to ourselves so that we can truly become […]

Todd Paglia | Speaking for the Trees

Todd Paglia started his advocacy career with Ralph Nader in 1995 by taking on some of the largest companies in the US on issues of corporate welfare and consumer protection. He also led in the transformation of the purchasing practices of the federal government, the world’s largest consumer of paper.  After more than a decade with ForestEthics, Todd has […]

Namu Kie Butsu | Sewing as Practice

Namu kie butsu. That was the chant that I said over and over (and over) again, as I sewed the wagesa. Last month, I volunteered to sew for incarcerated members of the Buddhadharma Sangha at San Quentin State Prison. These individuals wished to declare their intentions as formal Practitioners of the Dharma, and this month (Insha’allah), […]

When Worlds Collide | High-Tech Yoga

“What kind of crazy company,” a friend emailed me, “pays for yoga classes for their employees and then insists on their right to get the least possible benefit from them?!” And it does seem ludicrous, both what we’ve been hearing about Facebook’s employee-coddling culture, and the image of a student reaching down from ardha chandrasana […]

Mindful Speech & Elocution in Buddhist Tradition.

The intention behind what you say gets communicated as much as the words that you say. In this short piece, Waylon Lewis reminds us of 6 simple rules that make up Mindful Speech. 1. Speak Slowly 2. Enunciate Clearly 3. Listen to yourself. 4. Listen to Others 5. Regard Silence as a Part of Speech […]

Politically Aware | Q&A with Congressman TIM RYAN

It may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s possible to be a mindful politician. Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan tells readers about his practice and how mindfulness could affect the nation in the Shambhala Sun. Tim Ryan, who is serving his fifth term representing Ohio’s 17th Congressional District, was first elected to the House of Representatives […]

newDharma Talk | Coming Back to What Matters

We’re often distracted by what we’d like the future to hold. Distraction moves our attention away from whatever’s in front of us, and we forget not only the moment we’re in but also ourselves. By doing so we leave our true selves behind. If we face the present, we’ll find there is value–life–in staying right where […]

Tolerating Vulnerability & Visibility

Sometimes, I get really mad at personal development and heightened self-awareness. I think as a deep practitioner, you aren’t really supposed to say that, but I sometimes do.  Mostly because it feels so excruciating to really see myself. Often, it feels even more excruciating to allow myself to be seen by others. I’m not talking […]

On Spiritual Retreat

Like we do every summer, this past July XC hosted our Inner Justice Intensive retreat (IJI), one of our signature offerings for agents of change. It’s a retreat that’s meant to support activists in connecting to their inner selves so that the work they do comes from a place of true alignment, because how we […]


This talk was given by a non-Muslim expressing the power of, and appreciation for, practices across traditions. “All of the great traditions of personal transformation have built into them–no matter how they’re playing out in the forms of mass religion–they all have built into them an intention, a practice that invites surrender of the will, […]