What Can Change When We Learn to See Each Other

A couple of weeks ago a colleague and I were walking along the crowded waterfront in San Francisco, and coming toward us was a trio of young African-American men who were joking and playing. When we passed I greeted them, and just as the last of them walked by I heard him say, “Thanks for […]

White Identity Politics

This article gives a thoughtful, honest take on the influence of white identity politics.  Whiteness has a political meaning as much as does Black or Asian or any other racial category. In order to define non-whites as inferior and deviant, whites needed to be defined as superior and normal. By claiming the category “normal,” whites […]

Stand Your Ground to Stop the Violence

Sarah van Gelder looks at the history of violence around people of color, particularly youth, and encourages us all to take a stand against violence. For far too long, violence targeting young people of color has been tolerated, even condoned, in the United States. The killing of Trayvon Martin is part of a horrific history—one […]

Shout from the Suburbs | Race & Politics in France

The issues of racism are hardly particular to the US.  This video explores the struggles people of color face in France along with folks like “Ali Soumare, whose parents are from Mali, has been described as the new face of France’s Socialist party.” Watch Shout from the Suburbs      

Eveline Shen | Reclaiming Our Bodies, Ourselves

Eveline Shen is the Executive Director of Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice. ACRJ leads the Strong Families Initiative, which is changing the way we think, feel and act in support of families, gender and race. Eveline serves on the board of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project and Movement Strategy Center, as well as the advisory […]

Prejudice in the Brain | Can You Break Your Biased Habits

Most of us suspect or realize that our brains have more to do with our behaviors than we know. And even if we’re clueless about that, science is always offering us new evidence to prove that many of the decisions we make, the addictions we have, the people we prefer (or not) are all related […]