newDharma Talk | Bearing Witness to Suffering

As a friend of mine likes to say, “You got people, you got problems.” Even if we’re simply facing ourselves, we’ve still got problems. We can’t escape our pain. We can’t hide from it or make it disappear, but we can learn to live with it. We can be in relationship with it. It starts […]

Welcome | february 2013

The other night I watched the 1991 feature JFK about the Kennedy assassination. The film’s implications are frightening. While JFK may seem to have little to do with February, with love, relationships, with Black History Month, my thoughts lie in the relationships built and broken. In how events ripple out in waves. In our need […]


 Coming to the Table With chapters across the US, Coming to the Table is an organization that invites conversation between the descendants of slaves and slaveholders in a move toward healing and reconciliation. “They value the sharing of personal, family and community stories as a powerful vehicle for uncovering history, building relationships, healing and inspiring […]

Love that Does Social Justice | IISC

Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC) is “a nonprofit organization that works for social justice and sustainability” by fostering great social impact through a variety of workshops and services. Their work helps folks develop relationship skills in organizations such as, “networks and coalitions, nonprofits (of all sizes), public sector agencies, schools and school systems, and […]


“All paths lead nowhere, so it is important to choose a path that has heart.” Carlos Castaneda, anthropologist & author

february 2012

Loves Self Reflective Test This article, by yoga teacher Kino MacGregor, focuses on the challenges and practice of finding love, sharing love and maintaining a healthy self-awareness while giving yourself freely. Kino MacGregor is one of a select group of people to receive certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by its founder Sri K. Pattabhi Jois […]

Relationships as Spiritual Practice

Original post on elephant journal September 19, 2011 by Jay Gaddis, “Relationship as Spiritual Path.” One of the biggest chances for us to practice, and, arguably, the only reason to practice in the first place is, for stronger relationships–with ourselves first and foremost, but also with our partners, friends, family…and even folks we’re not all that […]