Victor Lewis | The Mysteries of Radical Wisdom, Healing, Justice & Resilience

A nationally respected social justice educator, Victor has conducted seminars, workshops, keynote speeches, and “train the trainer” programs across the United States, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Germany. He is best known for his inspiring leadership role in The Color of Fear, an unusually powerful video about racism, which received the […]

the transformation code

Over the past year, I’ve been making the sometimes painful transition from working harder to working smarter, often against the grain of long-established habits instilled by ideas about work ethics and the meaning we assign being at some work “place” doing work “things” in a work “way.” I’m all good with taking time off…what I […]

28 Days Later

All right, what’s your big resolution for 2011? A bunch of us are committed to meditating every day for at least 5 minutes. It’s a part of a virtual practice community called 28 Days, started last year by Gibrán Rivera of IISC…

Pathways to Collective Liberation

Activists are being asked to examine our current historical moment with real intimacy, with fresh eyes, fire, and compassion. Many of the once-groundbreaking methods we know and use have now begun to rot. Many of our tactics are now more than simply ineffective- they are dangerous.

Back on the Block

The New Dharma Community is back full force. And we’re shaping up for the new year by bringing attention to the practices that transform lives–because a transformative movement is nothing without practice. And it’s nothing without community. So we’re re-introducing and refining ways to make what we do accessible to folks in the field.

Yoga and Mindful Awareness | Interview with Carla Stangenberg

Sometimes I feel like an idiot savant, born to teach yoga, but still you have to practice, practice, practice. Pattabhi Jois, who founded Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, says, “Practice and all will come.” Keep practicing and you will find out…

Making Connections | Statewide Parent Network & stone circles

Seasons Fund for Social Transformation highlights the relationship between Statewide Parent Network of New Jersey and stone circles in North Carolina.  In this reprint of their case study, we see how when leadership boldly supports and encourages new perspectives of the mind and heart, especially in the midst of transition, how ultimately in  service of shifting organizational culture and beyond.

Report Back from USSF | Practice Every Moment and A Movement Defined

Thousands of activists from all over the nation gathered in Detroit last month for the US Social Forum. The 5 day gathering was jam-packed full of workshops, people’s movement assemblies, direct actions, plenaries, performances, cultural events, healing events, and more.

changing the WAY change is done | USSF Transformative Practice Track

Excitement is building as the Transformative Practice Track debuts at the USSF. This track consists of various workshops, presentations, assemblies, gatherings, and deep practice opportunities that will be held during the entirety of the forum.

Transformative Intermediaries Group | Who are the TIGgers?

This month’s Activists, Allies, and Agents of Social Change (3A) section highlights all of the organizations that make up the Transformative Practice Canopy at the US Social Forum (USSF).

The Transformative Power of Practice

A central component of any change process – personal change or organizational change – is the concept of practice. But what is practice and why is it so important?

Transformative Track at US Social Forum | June 22-26, 2010 | Detroit, MI

Last month, we shared with you the plans in progress of the Transformative Intermediary Group & Gatherers for the upcoming USSF. There are many avenues of discovery and ways to get involved at the Forum. One such way is the Transformative Track. The Transformative Track is being stewarded by CXC and also includes the following transformative social change field intermediaries: Stone Circles, Social Justice Leadership, Movement Strategy Center, and Generative Somatics.