In Our Hands

Obviously as social change agents, activists are well aware of the power society holds. In that case, may these pieces inspire, inform, or incite you to approach the making of change differently.    Why I Vote: Community Action Begins at the Ballot Folks hold voting in many different ways. I know of a staunch activist […]

on voting – giving the gift

“MindfulVOTES logo” mindfulness that matters ©2012 Transformative Change giving the gift: what if mindfulness really matters?   INcite with angel Kyodo williams Not too long ago, I felt like you might be feeling: I’ve worked very hard to view life from a different perspective. Choosing to observe—and let go of—negative thinking and harmful patterns, only […]

How Voting Affects Your Health

Voters on Election Day not only hold the fate of democracy in their hands when they step into the voting booths. Casting a ballot can also have subtle effects on the health and behavior of voters–at times with profound consequences. Voting Causes Stress Campaigns can be physically taxing for candidates, but voters as well can […]

october 2012

  New Laws Could Disenfranchise 10 Million Latino Voters The disenfranchisement of voters is a reoccurring theme in modern election history. A report from The Advancement Project warns that the outcome of the 2012 election may be altered significantly due to recent voter ID laws and their affect on the Latino vote.  The Young & […]

YogaVOTES | Voting from the Mat

  At first glance it may seem like yoga and voting have absolutely nothing in common. After all, a body-based spiritual practice and political candidates don’t even show up on the same page in most books. The connection lies in what yoga practice offers folks–discerning choice. Seane Corn, who, with Arianna Huffington, launched The Oasis […]

Ananda Balasana | Happy Baby Posture

It all starts in our bodies–our bodies are the coarsest things we have to work with. If we can bring more mindfulness to our bodies, then we can extend that mindfulness towards our minds, spirits, and lives. We especially need all the mindfulness we can get as we approach the upcoming election. Regardless of where […]

Voting as Practice

I recently had the experience of volunteering at both the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa, FL and at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, NC. My role was to teach those in attendance, that were interested in learning, meditation and yoga. Never in a million years would I have ever thought that […]

Volunteers At The HuffPost’s Oasis: Meet The Experts Making The Oasis Happen

Here’s a short piece (with great photos) of Off the Mat and MindfulVotes leaders at the Republican National Convention. The Huffington Post’s Oasis has some incredible volunteers. From certified massage therapists to yoga educators, they’re responsible for making The Oasis exactly that: a peaceful space for delegates to unplug and recharge. The nonprofit organization Off The […]

Voter Suppression | Groups Plot a Million-Person Army to Swarm Polls

True Vote is a watchdog group (King Street Patriots Texas Tea Party spin off) that will be making sure there is no voter fraud at the polls this year. Some people are wondering why they’re there at all.  One of the first sights to greet attendees of the True the Vote national summit was the […]

stay in the game

The complexity of our desires are matched only by the boundlessness of our Vision for an America that can embrace us all. The depths of our disappointment can only be measured against the grand heights of our Hope. The revelation of flaws is a testament to our Faith. But we have Vision and we have Hope and we have Faith. We must stay in the game.