innerPRACTICE 2012 Resources

This time of year always seems to call for us to close out what is old and prepare for what is new. Depending on who you are, how you be, and the particular context of the moment, there are myriad ways to move through this kind of transition. Here are some resources that can help […]

Tolerating Vulnerability & Visibility

Sometimes, I get really mad at personal development and heightened self-awareness. I think as a deep practitioner, you aren’t really supposed to say that, but I sometimes do.  Mostly because it feels so excruciating to really see myself. Often, it feels even more excruciating to allow myself to be seen by others. I’m not talking […]

Support Practice

    To be in relationship with your life as it unfolds is the point of cultivating presence. Some of us learn this best by going inward and getting to know ourselves better.  And some of us learn this best in relationship to others. However you choose to learn what it means to be in […]

The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown spent six years collecting people’s stories on vulnerability, the need to belong, and our profound interconnectedness. Her work reflects the importance of knowing oneself in order to understand humanity.