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radical relationship

Whether you consider it a commercial fabrication designed to use our tender hearts to draw money from our tender wallets or a genuine 1500-year old tradition of expressing courtly love, Valentine’s Day gets us to thinking about Relationship. Its no wonder we have an increasingly commitment-phobic culture given that relationship has been associated with martyrdom […]

National Black HIV/AIDS Prevention

February 7th is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. This years theme is “HIV/AIDS Prevention – A Choice and a Lifestyle.” HIV and Aids affect people of all races, and it is essential to have a day which speaks specifically to and for Black People during African American History month about these diseases.

Twelve Months of fearless Yoga Asana | Utkatasana

We’ve made it past January, with our intentions and goals set. We’ve realigned and refocused for the upcoming year. Now its time to put those things in motion. Its time to be fierce or “powerful” in taking the confidence and happiness we’ve manifested to the next level with intention.

Balanced Wisdom | The Heart-Mind Connection

When we think about analytical intelligence, most of us relate it to the functioning of the brain. When we think about emotional intelligence, we attribute that to the work of the heart. Fully considering these two platforms, we can extrapolate that wisdom resides in the harmonious relationship between the two.

Living in Alignment

Howard Zinn lived a life in alignment with his highest ideals, with what he wholehearted believed in. He will be remembered as an historian, writer, teacher, ally, and activist who dedicated his life to social justice and truth-telling. In 1980, with the publishing of his book, “A People’s History of the United States,” he changed the way we looked at US history.

Ecstatic Birthing: Vehicle of Freedom

Not only removing birthing from the medical establishment, which views birthing as a medical emergency and relates to it as a source of possible litigation, ecstatic birthing views birthing as a vehicle for transformative, transcendent, spiritual change.

the body does not lie

With activists from Amnesty International, UC Berkeley, and Restorative Circles, we had the opportunity to witness how supportive fMI is to those who are struggling to find balance and alignment in their lives and bodies.

Aqeela Sherrills | Beholding: An Act of Deep Love

Spirit Centered-Activist, Advocate and Social Entrepreneur, Aqeela Sherrills is the principal partner of The Reverence Project, a 3-fold initiative that is working to shift the social and philosophical construct of present world culture rooted in violence, shame, guilt and fear into a more balanced world view rooted in reverence, forgiveness, compassion, and truth. He is […]

Avatar: Who Owns the Truth

James Cameron, Avatar writer and director, has created a movie about many issues from his perspective: white, heterosexual, rich, Western, abled, liberal, man. Therefore, I wasn’t shocked to see the representation of all the issues he raised in his film come from, well, his perspective.

The Way of Council

Council is a practice in authenticity. It requires a deep listening, rigorous discernment, a reverence for truth, and a steady commitment to transparency and fierce compassion. Every Thursday, with few exceptions, we hold our Community gathering at the Center. We start with our evening service anchored by the chanting of the Heart Sutra. This is […]

Daily Practice At and From the Core

Daily practice schedule. Practice and share in community. Meditation, Yoga, Council, Jo Kata and more.