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March 2010

“The miracle of renewal is to repeat without repeating.” -Nazim Hikmet <a style="color: #990000; text-decoration: none;" href="âz?m_Hikmet" Who is Nazim Hikmet?

newDharma Talk | Being Natural

This talk was originally given by Rev. angel Kyodo williams in 2006 at the New Dharma Meditation Center in Oakland, California.  The Center’s focus is dedicated to supporting the inner lives of activists. They offer inner awareness practices and programs that allow social change agents to begin working  from a place rooted  in compassionate action.  […]

fearlessYOGA Teacher Training | A Personal & Organizational R(evolution)

Next month, in April, we are holding our first ever, fearlessYoga Teacher Training (fYTT). We’ve written our curriculum and had it approved by Yoga Alliance, earning our certification as an official registered yoga school. This is an evolution that began almost 10 years ago.

Hard Stop | Just Stop

Changing our habits is not as easy as changing our mind…Or is it?
It’s been said that it takes 21 days to change, make, or break a habit. At CXC and within the newDharma Community, we give it 27 days, just in case. Many people, when faced with the challenge of addressing a well-worn habit, ask, “How do I stop?” The answer, as trite as it may sound, is, “just stop.”

How Much Time Do We Practice Suffering?

How is it that two people with similar skills, experience, and life history can show up in such different ways. Both people may have experienced great loss and pain, for example, but one person views the world as their enemy and themselves as a permanent victim, while another person experiences life as an opportunity and challenge, while taking responsibility for their own happiness. So what makes the difference?

Akaya Windwood | Cultivating Beloved Community

Straightforward, warm, present, of substance, inspiring, clear, honest, comfortable in her own skin, in relationship with her power (personal and otherwise), bright, committed, reliable, articulate, responsive, passionate… These are some attributes and adjectives that describe this month’s featured Changemaker, Akaya Windwood, CEO & President of Rockwood Leadership Institute.

The Only Full Range of Practices Designed for Social Change Agents

Center for Transformative Change offers the only full range of inner awareness practices—body and mind—designed for activists, allies and agents of social change.

march 2010

Resources on Women’s History, Paulo Coelho and Cesar Chavez

Transformative Social Change at US Social Forum: Plans in Progress, Get Involved

Transformative organizations are hard at work organizing to be a strong presence at USSF & provide all USSF participants the opportunity to experience practices that build presence – the moment-to-moment practice of being in relationship with one’s life as it unfolds. Read here about all the exciting moves in progress.

Lighten Up and Enjoy All That You Are Now

Spring is back. Wake up! Its time to Share your gifts and plant Seeds of Wisdom cultivated during the wintertime. As you step out of your internal cave to express what you’ve learned, Lighten up and Enjoy All that You Are Now. Its time to celebrate how far you’ve come!

27 Days of Change | Practicing with a Virtual Community

guest written by Leslee Goodman
27 Days of Change | Practice Period
Winter 2009 & Spring 2010 Participant

2009 was my year of virtual community. For half the year, my husband and I lived in rural Washington. We had no neighbors, but I did belong to a progressive list-serve that enabled me to feel connected and hopeful, even while news of tea parties and other right-wing hysteria swirled around me. I grew to deeply appreciate my list-serve members, even though I never met most of them. They let me know I wasn’t alone.

this is our time

  Though it may seem hard to discern through the economic debris that is still falling, that so many of us are picking through the pieces of, this is our time. For far too long we have labored for justice and lurched towards change with far too little resources, too little cohesion, too few wins […]