Archives for April 2010

A Hidden Sanctuary: Drop-in Sitting

One of the least known CXC resources, a hidden sanctuary, is midday drop-in sitting at Center for Transformative Change’s garden or Practice Hall.

Your Resource for Ongoing Practice

YOU can CHANGE the world outside by changing from the inside.

Karen Muktayani Villanueva | Vehicle of Freedom

i’ve often said that choosing to live, work, and practice at CXC is advanced citizenship; meaning: it is best suited for those that are willing to know themselves and love themselves (warts and all) and be willing to make the choices and sacrifices that are called for in order to do this well.

Chuck Courts | Directly Supporting How Change is Done

I want folks to know that The Center for Transformative Change is really is about changing the way change is done…I realize that there must be freedom and justice for everyone in order for freedom and justice to exist at all. The work that I do here at the Center directly supports the work done by the Center.

Tbird Luv | Meeting the Better Half of Myself

Being a part of CXC is like being in a spiritual boot camp made for those who truly do what ever is necessary to release from habitual patterns of delusional justification of scattered and disfunctional choices that lead to irresponsible leakage of personal energy.

Premadasi Amada | The Practice of No Escape

Living, working and practicing at CXC is like living with the toughest, most experienced coach, who has herself won many gold medals, while you are training, for something way beyond a game, or even the Olympics. Instead you are training for your life, literally. You are training, working, for your freedom in service to everyone’s freedom.