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Want a Grant? Call Me.

How do you go about getting your grants? Tori O’Neal-McElrath says the most important thing you can do is call the foundation you’re interested in. As much as you might want to believe that grants are awarded simply due to the fit of the program and the excellence of the application, it simply isn’t true. […]

Waiting for the Angels to Come

Written & Contributed by Soha Al-Jurf We have indeed revealed this message in the Night of Power: And what will explain to thee what the Night of Power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. Therein come down the angels and the Spirit by Allah’s permission, On every errand: Peace…this until […]

The Prison of Freedom

Written & contributed by Daniel Alzamora Dickin What if the desire for freedom is a psychological trap, risking the sacredness one has for that not possessed? How many people have sacrificed all they have–integrity, life–for this dangerous concept, freedom? How many people have abused nature, become sociopaths, unempathic, opportunistic criminals? How many have murdered or have […]

Energy for All

Original article written by Heather Hansen for Ode magazine, July/August 2011. How the energy justice movement is empowering people to improve their health and earning potential. It’s early winter in the high plains of southern Peru. At more than 13,000 feet, the air is cool but the sun beats down intensely. Jocelyn Jenks climbs into […]

Mark Lilly | Yoga for Young People

Mark Lilly formed Street Yoga a few years before yoga exploded as a practice that anyone might be encouraged to take up. He wanted to stop the rate at which young people were entering a cycle of poverty and homelessness that was difficult, if not impossible, for them to break. So he gathered some yoga teachers […]

Effective Activism

Original article on the Co-Intelligence Institute’s Web site. Some theories and ideas about who and why transformative social change is a valuable next step for all activists.  THE TAO OF ACTIVISM? Some of us feel something is wrong or missing in activism based on adversariality, power struggles, critiques, demonstrations and endless meetings with no juice. […]

Thandie Newton | Embracing Otherness

  A beautiful TEDtalk about selfhood and how we constantly stumble over who we really are in pursuit of an identity that is not real. Thandie Newton suggests that if we let go of who we think we are, we will run into who we really are and from that find changes in our lives […]

Wellness for All | Brown Boi Project

Original article posted on ACRJ (Asian Center for Reproductive Justice) blog, August 17, 2011. Ground-breaking health curriculum serves gender non-conforming, trans community. At the intersections of reproductive oppression, societal negligence and medical inequality lie the bodies of trans and gender non-conforming (GNC) people of color (POC). Despite being a fundamental human right, finding quality health […]

Meditation & Climate Change

Original article by Gibran Rivera, posted in IISC  (Interaction Institute for Social Change) blog, February 1, 2011. If you want climate change to stop, meditate. In this article by Gibran Rivera, changing the world around us starts with changing us. Changing us means making a shift in consciousness. Here’s how. Yesterday I was privileged to participate […]

Love & Sustainabililty

Original article by Curtis Ogden, posted on the IISC blog, August 25, 2011. Read this short piece to see how diversity and love is the key to sustainability in our work. Perhaps feeling wistful in these late summer weeks as we lean towards fall, I seem to have a penchant for all things poetic. Who […]

Jack Kornfield | The Ancient Heart of Forgiveness

Original article by Jack Kornfield on Greater Good Web site, dated August 23, 2011. For me cultivating patience is a lot like cultivating forgiveness. You’ve got to pause in all of your frustration and self-involved pain and anger to take a breath in and move gracefully toward a different direction, being both open and willing […]

Protest is Good for You

Written & Contributed by MamaDonna Henes I won’t be made useless I won’t be idle with despair —Jewel,  from “Hands”   The media likes to portray peace, environmental, human and animal rights protesters as a fringe element of whining malcontents teetering on the margins of proper society. The truth is that those who step forward […]