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adrienne maree brown | thoughts for foundations and major donors

in my work as an organizational healer, facilitator, and coach, i regularly support, both formally and informally, lots of movement leaders. one of the major trends i’ve seen over and over is folks struggling because they can’t get consistent long-term funding. if you work for a foundation, or sit on a foundation board, or even […]

Welcome | january 2013

Hard to believe, but we are already firmly in 2013. In the US, one of the most watched events of the month is the re-inauguration of President Barack Obama. This issue puts focus on the 44th Commander-In-Chief with a retrospective on previous transform articles related to him, as well as resources to revisit the victory […]

Happy New Year!

First let me take this time to thank everyone who attended our annual New Year’s Eve Release Ceremony. We had a wonderful time bringing 2012 to a close with our extended CXC family. As we move forward into 2013 we are excited about our new practice schedule and upcoming events for early 2013. The Center […]

what to do? a buddhist & yogi response to sandy hook

The shootings that took place in Newtown—taking the lives of 20 children, all first graders, and 7 adults including the shooter—is a tragedy of such immense proportions, it has rightfully thrown many of us into confusion and deep questioning. As Buddhists, yoga, and mindfulness practitioners, how do we hold this? Make sense of it? Respond? …What […]

President Barack Obama | Victory Speech

Here’s the full transcript from President Obama’s acceptance speech on Wednesday morning, Nov. 7, 2012. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward. It moves forward because of you. It […]

Migration Is Beautiful

A new documentary by the Voice of Art follows Favianna Rodriguez, an outspoken artist and activist, and other pro-migrant artists as speak they out against anti-migration across the US. “It also shows shines light on some of the worst migration policies in the country and what the community is doing to fight them back.” Learn […]

Jonathan Haidt | How Common Threats Can Make Common (Political) Ground

“If an asteroid were headed for Earth, we’d all band together and figure out how to stop it, just like in the movies, right? And yet, when faced with major, data-supported, end-of-the-world problems in real life, too often we retreat into partisan shouting and stalemate. Jonathan Haidt shows us a few of the very real […]

How Do You Stand? Fix Your Posture, Fix Your Knee Pain

If you have knee pain, and there doesn’t seem to be a real reason for it (e.g., you didn’t play football in high school), it may be from something you hadn’t counted on and at least some of the solution could be in something called prasarita lunges. A student of mine started yoga classes about […]

The Fundraising Outlook for 2013

As far as taxes go, what will nonprofits face in the new year? Patrick Rooney, Steven MacLaughlin, and Holly Hall, answer questions you may have about your organization’s financial future.  Nonprofits enter the new year facing an unsettled fundraising climate. Donors are concerned about the sluggish economy, potential cuts to federal spending, and changes to the tax code. Will […]

What Can Change When We Learn to See Each Other

A couple of weeks ago a colleague and I were walking along the crowded waterfront in San Francisco, and coming toward us was a trio of young African-American men who were joking and playing. When we passed I greeted them, and just as the last of them walked by I heard him say, “Thanks for […]

From Occupy to Idle No More

A new movement in Canada, Idle No More, is worth taking a look at; it is bringing forth a greater participation than both Occupy Canada and the Quebec student movement. In addition, its focus is on First Nations people and their rights. My first experience with the Idle No More phenomenon came on Dec. 21, […]

10 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The flu has hit harder this year than any time in recent memory. It’s affecting the population so much on the East Coast and South East that New York State and the city of Boston have called in states of public health emergencies. Naturally, everyone wants to avoid getting the flu. So besides just washing […]