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The other night I watched the 1991 feature JFK about the Kennedy assassination. The film's implications are frightening. While JFK may seem to have little to do with February, with love, relationships, with Black History Month, my thoughts lie in the relationships built and broken. In how events ripple out in waves. In our need as human beings to be brave enough to develop better relationships with ourselves, with others, especially with those who oppose us and with those we think of as "other." Reaching beyond those barriers wherever they lie is how change is done. This month we celebrate Valentine's Day, Black History Month, and President's Day along with LGBT History Month, UK, (January 19), Rosa Park's Birthday (February 4), Alice Walker's Birthday (February 9), Huey Newton's Birthday (February 18), WEB Dubois's Birthday (February … [read more...]


44 | hail to the chief

  INcite with angel Kyodo williams To kick off 2013, I decided to share two essays I've written in celebration of and conversation with our 44th President Barack Hussein Obama, who is truly an American—in ways good, bad and complicated—than we likely have all considered. He has been deliciously complicated, frustratingly indecipherable and wonderfully imperfect. He has been a man. Can we do … [read more...]

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President Barack Obama | Victory Speech

Here’s the full transcript from President Obama’s acceptance speech on Wednesday morning, Nov. 7, 2012. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward. It moves forward because of you. It moves forward because you reaffirmed the … [read more...]

newDharma TALKS

newDharma Talk | Bearing Witness to Suffering

As a friend of mine likes to say, "You got people, you got problems." Even if we're simply facing ourselves, we've still got problems. We can't escape our pain. We can't hide from it or make it disappear, but we can learn to live with it. We can be in relationship with it. It starts with the simple act of just paying attention. "Maybe just for a moment we can breathe … [read more...]

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Series of Brooklyn Billboards Put Racial Inequity on Display

  Billboards are everywhere in New York City. They’re on subway trains and in stations, and on top of and inside taxis. But few, if any, … [read more...]


february 2013

WEST COAST fearlessMeditation I | Practice of the Body CXC | Center for Transformative Change | Berkeley, CA Friday | … [read more...]

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New Year’s Resolutions that Work with Your Brain

  Resolutions like going to the gym more often or losing 20 pounds are based on trying to control the feeling … [read more...]

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Alice Walker | Beauty in Truth

Writer and activist Alice Walker will be featured in a documentary, Beauty in Truth directed by British filmmaker and activist Prathiba … [read more...]

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Claim Your Space

The month of January has been an intriguing time here at CXC. We have been diligently preparing for the months ahead. Our NewDharma Community will begin … [read more...]

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How Do You Stand? Fix Your Posture, Fix Your Knee Pain

If you have knee pain, and there doesn't seem to be a real reason for it (e.g., you didn't play football in high school), it … [read more...]

wellness and being well

Why Health Officials Want You to Eat More Potassium

High blood pressure is one health risk that is notorious within the black community. Diet and exercise and managing stress are the three things that come to mind when it comes to dealing with it. A recent study says that potassium (found in beans, baked potatoes, dark leafy greens, etc.) can be key in lowering high blood pressure. It's a real bummer to be told to … [read More...]

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How Nonprofits Make Data Fun & Informative

Nonprofits have long relied on stories to help stir emotion. However, as the nonprofit world has evolved, so, too, has the need to communicate more than just emotion. Foundations and corporate supporters increasingly want to see numbers that show that nonprofits are delivering results. Donors want to see metrics to help them understand why they should contribute to one … [read More...]

meet the leaders changing the way change is done

Leaders & Leadership | Resources & Stories

This year for our activists, allies & agents section, we're including resources for leadership as well as our stories from 2012. Leaders from 2012 Claude AnShin Thomas | The Art of … [read more...]

Todd Paglia | Speaking for the Trees

Todd Paglia started his advocacy career with Ralph Nader in 1995 by taking on some of the largest companies in the US on issues of corporate welfare and consumer protection. He also led in the … [read more...]

Mike Edwards | Tools for Unraveling the Emperor’s New Clothes, Pt II

In Part II of our interview with Mike Edwards, he talks about the importance of civil society reclaiming its wisdom and the great potential that lies in movements like Occupy Wall Street.  XC: In … [read more...]

Mike Edwards | Tools for Unraveling the Emperor’s New Clothes, Pt I

Michael Edwards is a writer and activist based in upstate New York who focuses on the links between personal and social transformation. He has spent 35 years in the non-profit sector in a variety of … [read more...]

Mirabai Bush | The Work of Compassionate Action

Mirabai Bush is Senior Fellow and the founding Director of the Center on Contemplative Mind in Society. She has led contemplative trainings for social justice activists, teaches compassion practices … [read more...]

Ai-Jen Poo | Domestic Workers & Finding Balance Through the Lens of Love

Ai-jen Poo, Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), has been organizing immigrant women workers since 1996. In 2000 she co-founded Domestic Workers United, the New York based … [read more...]