Tbird Luv | Meeting the Better Half of Myself

Tonya Faith Tbird Tall Flame Luv Ridgely

Outreach and Communications Steward

My name is Tonya Faith Tbird Tall Flame Luv Ridgely. I am the baby of the CXC family. I arrived March 2, 2010 at the very beginning of 27 days of Change. After being here for 61 days exactly today, I’ve come to realize that this place is no joke and that my life will never be the same as I unravel my perceptions of reality and take charge in shaping new ones that not only serve my highest good, but also the highest good of the whole.

Being a part of CXC is like being in a spiritual boot camp made for those who truly do whatever is necessary to release from habitual patterns of delusional justification of scattered and disfunctional choices that lead to irresponsible leakage of personal energy. I really had no idea as to what to expect becoming a core resident of CXC. I was hired as the Outreach & Communication Steward and thought at the time that I was only here to support the mission of the Center. But what I’ve come to realize is that the Center is here to support me.

Being here has created a profound experience. As uncomfortable as I have felt in having ‘my cards pulled’ and ‘alla my stuff’ exposed, along with the challenges of early morning sadhana, I’ve come away a much more stronger, clearer and at-ease person. I’m able to discern more quickly and stay centered when things trigger me. Any doubt or resistance I may have had in learning new technologies and doing things I’ve never done before no longer overwhelms me…in fact, its fun and empowering! And I am super grateful for the added bonus of developing superb time management skills. It shows me how to tap into real freedom.

I never thought I would being doing what I am doing now in this way. I just allowed spirit to guide me and place me exactly where I needed to be. I trust this process and feel at home here at the Center for Transformative Change and believe my life is unfolding in a perfect way. I choose to be here now because I choose my destiny to lead the life of a light warrior.


  1. then you must know my dear friend Muki/Karen at the center!! small world….

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