Miami Workers Center


CXC community, isn’t it inspiring to know there are people who actually care about other people and are willing to do whatever is necessary to uplift humanity from burdens of economic imbalance and heavy societal conditioning embedded within collective consciousness? We’d like to give a special shout out to our friends in southern Florida, the Miami Workers Center, for supporting immigrants, women and low wage workers in creating solutions that eradicate racism, sexism, poverty and economic exploitation within their communities. Founded in 1999, by former union organizers Gihan Perera and Tony Romano, we salute MWC for building grassroots organizations and leadership programs within lower income neighborhoods and communities of people of color that bring about a collective vision of social justice and human empowerment for All.

The center’s ability to build endurance and determination within the actions of the people through their leadership programs is astonishing. For example, the Circle of Consciousness educational program sustains a safe platform for discussion around historical, current and trendy events that effect the personal lives of these communities. This is extremely valuable for strategic planning because the more educated the individual, the stronger the group and more powerful the collective effort becomes. The second is a paid internship program for aspiring community organizers. Having the right leadership skills and financial support is crucial in taking the first step toward making change. For those wanting to beef up their public speaking skills, organize or learn how to build campaigns around important issues, they participate in the Rotating Organizing Corps Internship Training.

Miami Workers Center’s motto is to define what is possible and make justice happen on our own terms. We can All be inspired by this motto. As conservative ideology growls its big roar against the masses, MWC maintains confidence and stays fully committed to social justice and empowerment. They inspire faith in vision and reflect the strength within the collective of community. They merge past, present and future and teach us how not allow outside forces to dictate our way of living. Because only We can be the masters of our own lives.

So why not establish justice on our own terms? We All have a right. Feel free to reach out to Miami Workers Center and see how they are doing. Support their efforts and let them know about yours. Stay connected to one another and continue to build strong community on our own terms. Make the effort to end what is not right and lets bring balance into All of reality.

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