Faith & Spirituality at USSF

Faith & Spirituality will be represented at the US Social Forum (USSF).  The Faith & Spirituality group is a collective of different organizations and individuals that are interested in lifting up faith and spirituality as a path to transformation.  Throughout the entirety of USSF a canopy will be set up with the purpose of providing a place for reflection and prayer through the sharing of traditions, engaging in dialogue, and space for individual practice.  The canopy will be set up with many others in the “Village” behind Detroit’s main post office on Trumbull and Fort St.

The Vision Statement for the Sacred Space:

As people of faith and spirit from varying backgrounds and communities, we are creating a Sacred Space, open and welcoming to all.  This comes out of a desire to:

  • Share our faith roots by joining together in prayer, worship, and spiritual traditions open and accessible to all
  • Engage the truth in our diversity through faith filled dialogues focused on USSF topics
  • Inspire inner work with time for quiet reflection and creative expression of faith

In addition to stewarding the Sacred Space, there will be a number of faith and spirituality activities throughout the forum (partial list):

  • Water is Life Water Ceremony  (Wednesday  June 23rd at 8:30 at the Indigenous Canopy)  

All persons are invited to take part. Bring a small sample of water from your homeland. Within the traditions of many Indigenous Nations, the women are the Keepers of the Water.  This Water Ceremony is to raise awareness how, we, the human beings on this Mother Earth need to know, and take care of our precious resource – the water of all life. This ceremony will allow people from the four directions of the United States to offer their water from their home, whether it is from their tap, a nearby lake, stream, river and whether the water is contaminated or not. Each person will be provided an opportunity to offer their water to a collection vessel while a Circle of Women will witness and later speak for the water, offering their wisdom and prayer.

In addition, there will be a  number of workshops related to faith and spirituality.  Below is a partial listing:

Speak Your Mind